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Feature   April 1, 2001   by Auto Service World

CAR CARE: New Spring Car Care Bulletins

Simple Checks Help Troubleshoot Heater Problems

When you’re dealing with a heater that doesn’t work properly, simple tests can help you troubleshoot problems quickly.

Pay Attention to Early Warning Sounds & Sensations

What do shoes, belts, mufflers and boots have in common?

Transmission Fluid: The Life Blood of Your Transmission

Why do they call it transmission fluid and not oil? Automatic transmissions are sealed units that do not use or lose fluid like some engines might.

When a Breakdown Turns Into a Crisis

If your car breaks down three blocks from home on a sunny, Sunday afternoon, you’re going to be inconvenienced, but that’s about all. However, if your vehicle stops in the middle of a four-lane highway during evening rush hour with a freezing rain blowing, everything changes.

Get a Check-up Before you Leave on Vacation

Canada is a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do on your summer vacation, but if your family vehicle will be used on this trip, have it checked out before you leave.

AHH Spring! Student Car Shoppers Soon Will Burst Into Bloom

Whether it’s bought from an individual or a car lot, purchasing a used vehicle requires extra steps, but closer scrutiny helps ensure a better investment.

Nine Ways To Kill A Cat

A leading role in the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions is the catalytic converter, through which exhaust flows on its way to the atmosphere. The lethal components of exhaust gas are rendered harmless by the converter. This device should remain effective virtually forever unless it’s damaged.

Comb Auto Store Shelves For Car Cleaning Supplies

For many drivers, the first warm days of Spring bring the unwelcome realization that their car still wears its winter coat of grime. So along with your household spring cleaning, why not include a fresh approach to cleaning your car?

Don’t Let Brake Trouble Sneak Up On You

Like comfortable shoes, one’s car eventually feels almost like a part of its owner. And, like our favorite shoes, gradual wear is almost imperceptible. We may hardly notice a minor irregularity in braking action, for example, until it becomes serious.

Car Care Bulletins are available from the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, or at under Vehicle Maintenance.

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