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News   October 10, 2006   by Auto Service World

Canadian Takes Edelbrock Scholarship

Vic Edelbrock Jr. of the Edelbrock Corporation and the WyoTech Institute, Laramie, Wyoming, announced that James Crowe, a native of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, is the recipient of the 2006 Vic Edelbrock Sr. Scholarship.
Crowe was selected from 13 potential candidates by the WTI Foundation and Vic Edelbrock Jr.
“The competition for the Edelbrock award was extremely tough this year, as it is every year.” said Dale Eslinger, WTI Foundation Executive Director.
“There were a few students who demonstrated the academic accomplishment, work ethic, and character that befit the Edelbrock Scholarship but James Crowe certainly rose above them all.
Along with a near-perfect academic performance, perfect attendance, and an undeniable passion for the automotive industry, James came highly recommended by his WyoTech instructors and peers.
He is polite, optimistic, and forward-thinking. These traits, combined with his life-long love of technology, made him the clear choice for a scholarship that honors the values of an industry leader like Edelbrock.”
James Crowe says he is thrilled with the award.
“Receiving the Edelbrock Scholarship was a huge honor. It was really meaningful to me to be rewarded for my hard work in school and the scholarship will help me pay for a good part of my educational costs. More than that, though, is that Edelbrock is supporting the industry I love and I feel even more a part of the future of that industry. I am so grateful and proud.”

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