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News   September 18, 2002   by Auto Service World

Canadian Automotive Aftermarket Association Announces Scholarship Winners

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has announced the winners of the Marion Roberts Scholarship Awards.
More than 60 young adults will be furthering their education with a little help from scholarship fund, which is designed to assist students pursuing a post secondary education in any field of endeavour. They are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership skills and community involvement.
"The parents of these young people should be very proud," says association president Ray Datt. "It is always very inspiring for the selection committee to read the scholarship applications, these young people represent the best in today’s youth. Our congratulations and best wishes to them all."
The Marion Roberts Scholarship Awards were developed to provide assistance to children of employees of AIA member companies. Employees of AIA members companies are encouraged to ensure that their dependents pursuing a post-secondary education at either the college or university level, apply for a Marion Roberts Scholarship. Applications for 2003 will be mailed to AIA members in the spring, or students can download a copy from the AIA web site The deadline for applications will be July 15, 2003.
The name of each scholarship winner is listed below along with the name of the family member and company that qualified them to win an award. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded $500 to help them with their studies.

Aimee Arsenault
(Barbara Arsenault, Provincial Auto Parts)
Jenny McCarthy
(William McCarthy, Colonial Garage)
Vafa Mirzaagha
(Bahram Mirzaagha, Auto Choice)
Varga Mirzaagha
(Bahram Mirzaagha, Auto Choice)
Amy Pollock
(Stephen Pollock, APM Ltd.)
Holly Lynn Schofield
(Stewart Schofield, Excel Auto Supply Ltd.)

Marie-Claude Compagnat
(Alain Compagnat, Pices d’auto Lac-Megantic)
Julie Gagnon
(Jean Gagnon, Pices d’autos P & L)
Martin Hardy
(Marjolaine Robitaille, AGI Autos)
Olivier Joyal
(Serge Joyal, Peintures et pices d’auto GF)
Catherine Joyal
(Serge Joyal, Peintures et pices d’auto GF)
David Langlais
(Guy Langlais, Federal Mogul)
Nathalie Samson
(John Samson, UAP – Pices d’autos et camion JS)

Laura DesRosiers
(Dennis DesRosiers, DesRosiers Automotive Cons.)
Heather Fry
(Sam Fry, Goodyear)
Nicole Grieve
(Ron Grieve, Pico of Canada)
Lindsay Hine
(Ken Hine, Hine & Associates)
Jonathan Hyun
(Kyong Hyun, Dixie Electric Ltd.)
Laura Miller
(Larry Miller, Merithian Products Corporation)
Tara Lynn Nava
(Frank Nava, Dana Canada)
Adam Paulin
(Richard Paulin, H. Paulin & Co. Ltd.)
Esther Sangok Yoo
(Bongae Yoo, Dixie Electric Ltd.)
Helen Tong
(Mei Sheng Tong, H. Paulin & Co. Ltd.)

Gillian Berfelz
(Paul Berfelz, Ideal Supply Co. Ltd.)
David Cliffe
(Robert Cliffe, Gates Canada)
Sarah Cliffe
(Robert Cliffe, Gates Canada)
Jennifer Drake
(Stephen Drake, Canusa Automotive)
Candice Gallinger
(Paul Gallinger, Tenneco Automotive)
Ryan Power
(Brian Power, Tenneco Automotive)
Shannon Robertson
(Laura Robertson, Dana Canada)

Chandler Andrews
(Kevin Andrews, NAPA Auto Parts)
Craig Skelton
(Carol Skelton, Bosal Canada)

Cindy Arias
(Vincente Arias, Wilson Auto Electric)
Kirsten Bernas
(Julian Bernas, Phillips & Temro)
Susan Carey
(Ron Carey, Thiessen Auto Parts)
Miten Dhruve
(Jitendra Dhruve, NAPA Auto Parts)
Agnieska Piatkowska
(Jozef Piatknowska, Partsource)
Marianne Torres
(Anicia Torres, Phillips & Temro)

Naomi Blanch
(George Blanch, USI-AGI)
Chris Daviduik
(Ivan Daviduik, Sutherland Auto Clinic)
Trina Desrosiers
(Elaine Roden, Clement Farm Supply)
Jennifer Jaworski
(Bob Jaworski, Auto Electric Service Ltd.)
Ryan Kun
(Les Kun, Dana Brake)
Shelly Verbeurgt
(Norman Verbeurgt, York Auto and Machine Ltd.)

Calvin Elias
(Joe Elias, Norpine Auto Supply)
Heather Crumpton
(Andrew Crumpton, NAPA Auto Parts)
Andrea Letourneau
(Randy Letourneau, NAPA Auto Parts)
Sheena Lueck
(Ralph Lueck, Norton Canada Inc.)
Stacey Sinclair
(Bob Sinclair, Dixie Electric Ltd.)
Christy Woods
(Susan Woods, Dixie Electric Ltd.)
Jeff Woods
(Susan Woods, Dixie Electric Ltd.)
Scott Wnuk
(Casey Wnuk, Dayco Mark IV)

Jeanine Dion
(Denis Dion, Federal Mogul)

Brenna Latimer
(Roy Latimer, Vancouver Island Parts)
Samatha Wilford
(Randy Wilford, Hartman Auto Supply)

Ashley Craig
(Bill Craig, Triton Auto (NAPA)
Stephanie Covington
(Brent Covington, Lordco Auto Parts)
Kristin Brown
(Lori Brown, Aero Power River Services)
Steven Chand
(Daniel Chand, Lordco Auto Parts)
Stephanie Denison
(Ian Denison, H. Paulin & Co. Ltd.)
Darryl Dougan
(Geraldine Dougan, Pender Harbour Diesel Co. Ltd)
Lacey Evans
(Roy Evans, Wakefield Sperling Auto Parts)
Geoff Friesen
(Harvey Frieson, NAPA Auto Parts)
Tyler Sayers
(Rick Sayers, Lordco Auto Parts)

Christine Kinch
(Pat Kinch, NAPA Auto Parts)

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