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News   April 23, 2009   by Auto Service World

CADA Praises Newly-Tabled Federal Legislation to Address Vehicle Theft

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has come out in support of new legislation designed to address vehicle theft.

Legislations has been tabled by Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson.

“The problem of stolen vehicles and the injustice done against hard-working Canadians by elements of organized crime has gone on for too long. This legislation will go a long way towards protecting car owners, and will make a strong impact on criminals who have profited from exploiting them,” says Bill Taylor, chairman of CADA.

CADA has been working hard for over a decade to raise awareness surrounding the issue of vehicle theft, and has long advocated for legislation to specifically address this problem. The federal government’s plan to address auto theft echoes CADA’s concerns, and displays the government’s understanding of how auto theft serves as the engine of organized crime.

“I am impressed at how creating a new offence for ‘theft of a motor vehicle’ is being given teeth, with those convicted serving up to six months in prison for repeat offences,” stated Taylor. “This package treats the crime with the seriousness it deserves.”

CADA has long highlighted the role organized crime plays in stealing new Canadian vehicles for export around the globe. It has also emphasized how car theft affects vehicle owners of all backgrounds. According to data gathered by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the most stolen cars of 2008 include 2-door coupes, mini vans, and luxury roadsters. The theft of these types of vehicles helps to fuel organized crime through the sale of parts or through shipping and resale in foreign markets.


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