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News   March 16, 2009   by Auto Service World

Bosch Wheel Service Introduces Portable NTF Nitrogen Tire Filling System

Bosch Wheel Service announced last week the introduction of the fully automatic NTF Nitrogen Tire Filling System. The NTF is user-friendly and easy to use, and quickly fills four vehicle tires simultaneously, saving time and making a shop more efficient and productive.


The fully automatic Bosch NTF 715 is easy to use. The technician simply hooks the hoses up to the vehicle’s tires, programs the unit, and the machine can quickly deflate and then fill four vehicle tires with nitrogen. And, with the optional “dually” hose installed, the NTF 715 can fill even more tires at the same time. This makes the NTF 715 one of the most productive nitrogen filling machines on the market. If the customer just needs to top-off a single tire, the NTF 715 has a single-fill hose with gauge to easily add nitrogen to a tire.


One of the most time-saving optional features to help increase shop productivity is the Technician Notification System, which allows the technician to walk away and work on another vehicle while the NTF 715 operates automatically, alerting the technician when the nitrogen filling job is complete. The integrated rechargeable battery provides power for a full day’s use. This self-contained power feature provides a portability that lets the technician take the unit to the vehicle even when outside the service bay.


To ensure long machine life and optimal nitrogen purity, the Bosch NTF 715 has one of the most advanced filtration systems on the market. Four filters – a water separator, oil separator, carbon filter bed and fine particulate filter – all help reduce contaminants reaching the 5.1 CFM, fully-aged, large bore membrane. This membrane is the key to the NTF 715’s high throughput and efficiency.


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