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News   April 27, 2009   by Auto Service World

Bosch Publishes Updated 2009 Oxygen Sensor Catalogue

The new, updated 2009 Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensor Catalogue (# 221139) was recently released and includes more comprehensive oxygen sensor listings providing 99.9 per cent OE fit and coverage – the highest available in the aftermarket. Bosch OE-fit sensors are available for 226 million vehicles in operation (VIO), and features extensive coverage through 2008 model year applications. The updated catalogue includes the latest wideband, planar and heated and unheated thimble sensors, plus complete OE SmartLink sensor applications. OE SmartLink allows 14 OEM-specific, heated oxygen sensors to cover up to 96.2 per cent of all OE domestic and import vehicle applications by simply installing the patented connector system onto the existing wire harness.


The Bosch 2009 Premium Oxygen Sensor Catalogue includes a 159-page illustrated buyer’s guide, and is laid out as a quick and convenient reference guide with enhanced sensor diagrams and images for maximum efficiency and sensor selection. Improved images in the buyer’s guide section and updated competitor and OE cross-references make sensor selection more accurate.


“The 2009 O2 catalogue provides retailers, counterpersons and technicians the widest and best quality selection, offering the appropriate oxygen sensor for each vehicle application,” said David Pankonin, group product manager, Engine Management Products for Bosch.


“Bosch invented the automotive oxygen sensor and is the world leader in oxygen sensor technology, development, production, and OE installations. Bosch oxygen sensors meet or exceed all original equipment requirements and function flawlessly for tens of thousands of miles,” Pankonin said.


In addition to listing hundreds of oxygen sensor part numbers, the 2009 Bosch oxygen sensor catalogue includes recommended sensor check and replacement intervals, generic sensor technical information, cross-reference charts, photographs of hundreds of specific sensors, and other relevant data.