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News   November 1, 2005   by Auto Service World

Bosch Launches Electronic Catalogue on CD

Bosch has launched eCat Advantage, a new electronic product catalogue, designed to provide the most current and comprehensive coverage of product and product-related information.
Introduced at the 2005 AAPEX show in Las Vegas, NV, this new electronic catalogue is slated for distribution with the December mailing of Boschs Advantage newsletter.
The new electronic catalogue includes the equivalent of all current Bosch catalogues for the aftermarket. The eCat not only allows access 24/7 to Bosch product information, it will also provide technical bulletins, buyers guide information, interchange and cross reference information and images wherever available. All of this will make it easier to make more informed decisions, and allow salespersons to research and answer customer questions quickly and without hassle.
Bosch eCat Advantage is yet another initiative that will support our focus on meeting the needs of our customers, said Jack McGrail, Director of Product Management for Bosch.
Bosch eCat Advantage can be loaded on to a PC from a CD, and once installed, in eCat Advantage icon appears on the desktop, allowing any individual to access data quickly and easily at any convenient time — there is no need to go online for the data, which resides on the customer’s PC. Information updates will be posted by Bosch every 30 days, at which time users, at their discretion, can download the data via an Internet hookup. Frequency and time of downloads is decided by the user. In addition, the system:
h Allows new and updated product information to be introduced to the market immediately.
h Showcases complete lines of Bosch products
h Displays all related Bosch products in one place.
h Allows Bosch to communicate important product data to its customers accurately and consistently.
The most important advantage the e-Cat Advantage provides both Bosch and our customers is that it is the fastest vehicle for delivering current and complete product information to the marketplace, McGrail said. He emphasized that “the e-Cat system will not in any way replace traditional paper catalogues for those who prefer them.”

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