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News   March 2, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Bosch Injectors and Fuel Pumps Added To Oxygen Sensors As Exclusive NASCAR Products

Lambda Sensor LSU 4.9

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket North America has announced a multi-year extension to its NASCAR partnership. In 2012, when NASCAR switched from carbureted to fuel injected engines, Bosch became NASCAR’s exclusive oxygen sensor. Now, Bosch fuel injectors and fuel pumps have been added to expand the agreement.

“Bosch is very excited about expanding our relationship with NASCAR,” said Tony Pauly, director of advertising and brand management, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket North America. “As the global leader in fuel injection technology, including gasoline direct injection (GDI), the addition of Bosch fuel injectors and fuel pumps to oxygen sensors seemed the natural next step.”

As partners, Bosch and NASCAR work together to maximize performance on the track. The knowledge and insights gained from that partnership are then incorporated into the quality parts Bosch supplies for passenger vehicles of all makes and models.

“Fuel injection technology is utilized in all NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race cars, from fuel pumps and injectors to the spec Bosch LSU4.9 oxygen sensor,” said Matt Anderson, senior calibration engineer, Bosch Engineering Group. “Partnering with NASCAR allows Bosch to showcase its technology in the most extreme environments,” he added.

The partnership also offers Bosch a unique platform from which to connect with customers, technicians and motorists alike. “Unlike other major sports that have high regional loyalty, NASCAR events have a loyal following across the country for all drivers,” said Pauly. “This affords Bosch the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in precision engineering and durability on a national platform that resonates with the large NASCAR fan base.”

NASCAR places high value on its partners as both technical resources and promotional partners. “Through our expanded partnership, NASCAR will benefit from the technical expertise and high quality parts that Bosch delivers,” said Steve Phelps, NASCAR executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “NASCAR continues to be an effective demonstration platform for our partners and our fans have proven to support the brands that help drive competition on the track.”


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