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News   January 7, 2013   by Auto Service World

Bosch Expands MAF Sensor Line

Bosch is now offering an expanded line of Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors. New features of the line will benefit distributors, retailers, installers, and motorists throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

MAF sensors, also called Hot Film Meters (HFMs), measure the amount of air entering an engine and report that data to the Electronic Control Module (ECM), which adjusts fuel mixture, ignition timing, and other parameters accordingly. MAF sensors play a critical role in maximizing engine performance and fuel economy while minimizing exhaust emissions.

The newly expanded line, with nearly 30 new part numbers, features more than 120 part numbers covering popular vehicles in operation (VIO) in North America, including domestic, Asian, and European models. This new coverage, available through distribution channels immediately, will help assure distributors and retailers that they will not miss sales due to gaps in coverage. And this coverage will help assure repair shop owners and technicians that they can find the OE-quality part they need, quickly and reliably, from their regular supplier of Bosch products.

Bosch is supporting this line with new-generation cataloguing, which includes quarterly electronic catalogue releases, 360-degree on-line imaging, and ACES/PIES compliant buyers/stocking guides.

At the same time, Bosch engineers are preparing to introduce into the aftermarket new-generation HFM7 MAF sensors. To be available in early 2013, new part numbers will be announced that incorporate new design technology that makes the sensors more responsive, more precise, and more durable. These new sensors, based on technology that Bosch currently offers to the OE auto makers, have the unique ability to provide either digital or analog input to the vehicle’s ECM. As such, they will be direct replacements for domestic and European vehicles as new as the 2012 model year.

“The new MAF sensors we’ve introduced in the last few months, as well as those to come in early 2013, represent a major expansion of our MAF sensor line in the aftermarket,” explained Jarod Adams, Group Product Manager, Gasoline Systems for Robert Bosch LLC. For more information visit:

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