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Bosch Engine Management Sensors

Robert Bosch LLC offers a diverse range of sensors that are designed to ensure optimal engine performance, fuel economy, and low vehicle emissions. The Bosch line of original equipment engine management sensors includes 370 part numbers covering 89.4 million vehicles in operation (VIO) in the United States.

“Automotive technology today uses an increased number of electronic components to ensure the proper functioning of the various systems on the modern vehicle – from engine management to passive safety,” said Ellen Hornung, senior product manager, Engine Management Sensors, Robert Bosch LLC.

According to Hornung, “Our diverse range of engine management sensors measures different parameters to keep the engine operating as efficiently as possible. Different sensors provide data to the ECU to control emission levels, ignition timing/duration, engine warm-up cycle, and engine mixture control for all weather conditions and load variations. ”

Featuring high accuracy in measurement with fast response times, these sensors are all exactly the same as those manufactured for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), said Hornung.

The Bosch line of original equipment engine management sensors includes:

* Pressure sensors

o Low pressure sensors (oil, fuel, coolant)

o High pressure sensors (fuel)

o Differential pressure sensors

* Engine Position sensors

o Crankshaft sensors

o Camshaft sensors

o Throttle sensors

o Knock sensors

* Air Management sensors

o Mass air flow sensors

o Manifold intake pressure sensors

* Temperature sensors

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