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News   March 2, 2009   by Auto Service World

Bosch Diagnostics Introduces the MMD 540H High Voltage Hybrid Multimeter and Kit

Bosch has introduced the MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter, a professional grade CAT III 1000V  safety rated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for use in diagnostics of electronic circuits. This tool, when properly used following appropriate safety measures, offers the technician maximum protection for high voltage applications, as well as versatility for conventional applications, at a very reasonable price.


The meter is sold as a complete kit including necessary accessories, and all of these accessories are important to safely service hybrid vehicles.


The Bosch MMD 540H kit includes the MMD 540H Multimeter (CAT III, 1000 V rated), extra long, 54″ test leads (CAT III, 1000 V rated), inductive RPM Clamp (CAT III, 1000 V rated), additional fused diagnostic test leads (20A; for ATC and Mini fuses), K-Type Thermocouple for temperature measurement, 9 volt battery, CD based tri-lingual users guide, and a zippered Bosch carrying case. The accessories are also available separately.


“The MMD 540H’s CAT III 1000 V safety rating means it is capable of being used on today’s hybrid vehicles as well as conventional vehicles. The CAT III 1000 V safety rating is the highest rating available, indicating it is certified to higher categories and voltage ratings by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard IEC 1010-1,” notes Tim Stumpff, Product Manager for Bosch Diagnostics.


“In addition to the multimeter rated at CAT III 1000V, proper accessories are essential when servicing hybrid vehicles. This includes the use of CAT III 1000 V rated test leads, clamps, and other accessories, as well as insulated rubber gloves that are Class 0 safety rated are absolutely essential to avoid possibly severe burns or other injury,” Stumpff said. “The Bosch MMD 540H CAT III 1000V meter is easy of use and is made to safely test electronics on hybrid vehicles with very high voltage, often as much as 650 volts. For regular, non-hybrid multimeter tasks, this meter operates like a non-CAT III rated multimeter.”


The MMD 540H uses internal fuses and thermistors to protect the meter and user against overloads and wrong voltages in different modes. The MMD 540H from Bosch Diagnostics offers the best of all possible solutions-a multimeter designed for hybrid vehicles that can also handle standard vehicle electrical systems that operate on 12 volts, including applications for motorcycles, marine or small engines.

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