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News   September 2, 2009   by Auto Service World

Bosch Announces New FWA 4630 Easy 3D Wheel Alignment System

Bosch announces the addition of the FWA 4630 Easy 3D Alignment System to their wheel service equipment portfolio.

Bosch engineering developed a new method for determining wheel alignment measurements, Stereoscopic Triangulation. The durable Easy 3D system contains two portable camera pods mounted on an alignment rack with ‘electronics free’ measurement boards attached to each wheel, operating at high speed to enable a 27Hz update rate, or 27 updates per second. Easy 3D dedicates two cameras to each measurement board for stereoscopic vision of each wheel and an additional two cameras focused under the vehicle, allowing the system to triangulate the position of the wheels in relation to the camera pods.

Stereoscopic Triangulation, Easy 3D’s innovative measuring method, eliminates the need for calibration during installation, and provides precise measurements that can be repeated even if the camera pods are repositioned in the middle of the alignment process.  Once relocated, Easy 3D utilizes stereoscopic triangulation to measure and synchronize the camera pods to the measurement boards at the new location. No calibration is required.

“We are proud to offer automotive service centres such an advanced tool at a time when their customers are demanding higher quality service,” said David Scribner, wheel service group product manager for Bosch. “With dealership closings and the market realigning, high quality service and customer satisfaction are key success factors for independent automotive service centers. Bosch Easy 3D will help them put their customer’s vehicles back on the road promptly, while improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction.”

Bosch plans to start delivering Easy 3D systems to select locations in September 2009.

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