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News   March 23, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Bosch Adds Tire Changer To North American Product Line




Bosch expanded its tire changer line in North America today with the introduction of the new TCE 4275 swing arm air motor tire changer designed for high-volume shops. The changer uses the industry’s most rigid frame for greater strength and durability. The 4275 air motor changer features increased capabilities for larger wheel and tire combinations, up to 28” external and 30” internal clamping.

In addition to increased rigidity and a larger turntable, the TCE 4275 air motor tire changer boasts:

  • 28” external and 30” internal clamping capacity with perfectly balanced dual cylinder locking jaw cross system
  • Air motor turntable for increased starting torque and versatility
  • Patent-pending Ergo Control hand-actuated bead breaking system provides more precise control of the bead breaker
  • Available helper arm system includes a bead depress device and a bead roller. Each operate independently for precise control from two points of contact during the tire changing process
  • Standard 3-year parts and labor warranty

The TCE 4275 air motor tire changer is available with a helper assembly, ergonomic bead breaker or both options to make tire changing easy.

The 4275 is also available with an electric motor version, running on 110-volt power, providing the same features as competing machines requiring a 220-volt electrical supply. The electric motor changer uses a standard two-speed turntable to allow the operator to maintain optimum torque while breaking and setting tough beads. The enhanced control over the tire changing process helps avoid damage to expensive wheel and tire combinations.

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