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News   October 19, 2005   by Auto Service World

Beware of Buying Counterfeit “Little Trees”

CAR-FRESHNER Corporation reports that it has established an active campaign of enforcement and defensive measures to protect its “Little Tree” trademark.
Steps are being taken to reduce counterfeiting by educating customers on the economic impact of counterfeiting and the company is asking for assistance in identifying and reporting infringements.
Piracy and counterfeiting are responsible for a widespread loss of lawful employment opportunities, a massive deterioration of tax revenues for government and profits for legitimate businesses. CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is taking an active role in penalizing those that traffic counterfeit goods.
The company says that a prime example of its efforts is the $250,000-plus U.S. consent judgment that CAR-FRESHNER recently obtained against Big Lots Stores, Inc. The judgement included an injunction against further infringement of the Tree Design Marks and the quarter-million-dollar payout.
The company says that it has advised all companies that when fake products show up a store, that store is at risk of being sued.
It says too that it is important for businesses to know their suppliers and to know where they are getting their product from. “Little Tree” air fresheners are only manufactured in the U.S., and the company has advised any person concerned about the legitimacy of a supplier or their products, to contact the company for verification.
If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, continues the company. Since “Little Trees” are made from the highest quality components, the cost of achieving that quality is reflected in the price. Extraordinary low prices on genuine “Little Trees” are not normal and should always be questioned.
Questionable products or suppliers can be reported to CAR-FRESHNER Corporation’s legal department at 1-800-545-5454.

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