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Feature   December 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

Battery Service

The gap in share for battery service has significantly narrowed this year, as Dealers decreased 5% and Independents gained 4%.

Last year, Dealers doubled the share of Independents, at 42%. The change is once again driven by B. C., where Dealers decreased their share by 17 percentage points, and Independents gained 9%. Independents also increased their share in Ontario and Quebec, by 4% and 5% respectively. Mass merchants continue to perform well in Ontario and the Atlantic; they have a share of 15% in both regions.

Dealers continue to have the highest market share with newer vehicles (81%), although this is slightly down from last year, by 1%. Independents and Mass merchants do a good job of increasing their share of battery service work as vehicles age; the share increases from 2% to 15% for Mass merchants, and 7% to 32% for Independents. Independents have increased their share among eight-to 12-year-old vehicles by 3%, to 32% this year. Dealers decreased 3% to 22% in this older vehicle age segment. DIY for battery work naturally also increases as vehicles age, from 4% to 9%, especially since this type of work is not as involved and is relatively easy to perform.

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