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News   July 21, 2010   by Auto Service World

B.C. Firm Takes Partner to Develop Snowmobile Catalytic Converter

Environmental Control Corporation, Vancouver, B.C., has announced that it has partnered with Michigan-based Vconverter Corporation to design a catalytic muffler for high-performance snowmobiles.
Over the course of the project, EVCC and Vconverter will be designing an exhaust system based on EVCC’s patented Reverse Flow Catalytic Muffler technology.
The catalytic muffler will be manufactured by Vconverter and shipped to a University for initial testing. Performance parameters being evaluated will include: emissions, durability, sound attenuation, and engine performance.
Albert Hickman, [resident and CEO of EVCC, comments: “We are very pleased with the prospects of this latest project. The snowmobile industry in North America will be facing new emission standards in 2012 — making this a timely venture for the company. Furthermore, given the close relationship between the snowmobile and ATV industries, a breakthrough in the snowmobile industry would offer great exposure to the ATV segment as well. We look forward to the timely completion of this project so that we can market our technology to key players in both market segments.”
Glenn Knight, inventor of EVCC’s reverse flow technology, added: “Snowmobiles release more than 200,000 tons of hydrocarbons and 531,000 tons of carbon monoxide each year across the United States. Our goal is to help manufacturers drastically reduce these numbers — bringing emissions down to a more tolerable level in years to come.”
EVCC will release an analysis of test results upon completion of the project.

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