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B.C. Car Dealership Has Licence Cancelled, Owner Banned for LIfe

British Columbia’s Registrar of Motor Dealers has cancelled the dealer licence of Matrix Auto Sales Ltd. of New Westminster, B.C., and imposed a “lifetime ban” on the majority owner who was previously suspended and convicted in Provincial Court for deceptive practices.
The salesperson licence of another individual was cancelled for three years. The case involved multiple investigations and hearings after a complaint was filed in 2009.
A resident of Nelson, B.C., responded to an Internet advertisement by Matrix for a 2006 Toyota Tundra truck, bought the vehicle for cash, but then had a variety of problems. Matrix made various efforts to repair the truck but problems persisted and a complaint was filed with the Vehicle Sales Authority.
Upon investigation, it was determined that the Tundra had been imported from the U.S. An accident here was written off by ICBC as a “total loss.” Matrix purchased the wreck as a “salvage vehicle” and rebuilt it. They managed to get the Tundra inspected for compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act, licenced once again and available for resale. Subsequent investigations determined that among many areas of concern, the wheels and tires were too large for the vehicle. Ultimately, Matrix gave the customer a full refund, including certain expenses.
Of concern during the proceedings was the involvement of Ramin Karamali, previously denied a salesperson licence after being convicted in Provincial Court for deceptive practices, odometer tampering, operating as an unlicensed dealership and aiding and abetting evasion of taxes.
Matrix had been registered in the name of Karamali’s wife Madana Mansouri Tehrani, Reza Mohammad Foroghi and another salesperson. However, evidence indicated that Karamali had acquired 75% equity and became the driving force within the company.
The law required Matrix to report any change of ownership to the VSA, but this was not done.
In his 46-page written judgment, Deputy Registrar Ian Christman concluded that Matrix sold an unsafe vehicle and deliberately worked to conceal Karamali’s ownership position. A “doctored” sales agreement was evidence of that intent.
Christman imposed a “lifetime ban” on Karamali and made it clear that any dealership application in the future demonstrating his involvement would be looked upon with disfavour.
As a result of the current judgment, Matrix is not permitted to sell motor vehicles to consumers, and anyone who purchases from them after the date of this action will not have the protection of the VSA.

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