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Feature   December 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

Average Customer Repair/ Service Bill

Average Repair/Service Bill: Customer Paid ($)

The average customer bill paid is $178, up $6 from last year.

Parts & Service outlets experienced a modest decline of $11 per average customer bill to $169. Independent repair shops remained relatively steady at $219 per average service bill. The largest increases, at $15 each, were at Service Stations and Tire Specialists; the latter still have the highest average customer bill, at $274.

Auto specialists have the second-highest average bill, at $241, with a limited offering. Quick lubes continue to have the lowest average bill at $63, but have increased $5 from last year.

Average Repair/Service Bill: Customer Paid ($) by Vehicle Age

As one would expect, owners of older vehicles spend significantly more on service and repair; the average bill among eight-to 12-year-old vehicles is more than double that of two-to three-yearold vehicles ($226 vs. $98).

The increase in average bill at Service Stations was driven by the two-to three-year-old vehicle segment, whose owners spent on average $53 more than last year.

Auto Specialists were in the opposite situation as their average bill among two-to three-year-old vehicles declined by $29 to $121, but experienced larger average bills among the older vehicle segments.

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