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News   November 7, 2006   by Auto Service World

AutoWeek Readers Name Their Picks

AutoWweek, as is an annual tradition, have asked their readership of automotive enthusiasts to pick their favorite cars, trucks and sport/utility vehicles in nine categories.
The winners are profiled in the November 6 issue of the weekly magazine.
An online poll asked readers to name their favorites during a six-week period.
This is the 16th year AutoWeek editors have turned to readers to share their likes and dislikes.
“Automobiles are incredible passion points for our readers,” said Dutch Mandel, editor and associate publisher of AutoWeek.
“Those who read the magazine and visit are the neighbors, friends, relatives and co- workers sought for their opinions when it comes time to buy a vehicle. The AutoWeek Readers’ Choice Award is a barometer of America’s market favorites.”
In the Best Economy Car category, the Audi A3 came out in the lead.
Of the car AutoWeek’s editors said, “You have a ride that’s not just a blast to drive on the daily commute, but it curves corner apexes and delivers a glorious experience every time you crank the key.”
The Audi A8L led the voting in the Best Luxury Car category.
“Climb inside this winner and there is no confusion about what makes a world-class luxury car,” said the editors.
BMW also took top honors in two categories: Best Coupe/Convertible and Best Sedan.
Readers chose the BMW 6 Series as the Best Coupe/Convertible because they “expressed a strong preference for cars with performance as exceptional as their looks.”
The BMW 3 Series as Best Sedan since “it has been a target for every other car company for a decade or more.”
When asked to define the Best Exotic, readers chose “the near 1000-hp, quad turbo, 257 mph uber-supercar” Bugatti Veyron was the clear favorite.
In the Best Sports Car category, the Chevrolet Corvette was number one.
“There is nothing more evocative of enthusiast lust than a sports car,” said the editors.
“If one vehicle exemplifies American ingenuity, purposefulness on the wide open spaces, and our ability to work hard, it is the pickup truck,” and the Ford F-Series was chosen as Best Truck in the hotly contested category.
Honda led two categories. The Civic was the pick as Best First New Car because “it is setting the path for the future leaders of our car-enthusiast nation.”
When describing the Honda Odyssey, the winner of the Best People Mover/SUV category, the editors called it “functional, comfortable, affordable and efficient.”
The awards will be presented to automakers at the AutoWeek Design Forum January 10, 2007, held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

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