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News   August 29, 2005   by Auto Service World

Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Center Announces Upgrade

A significant upgrade of a leading automotive aftermarket on-line learning resource in Canada has been announced.
Bob Greenwood, president and CEO of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd (AAEC), has announced the full release of Version 2.0, dramatically enhancing the website of AAEC.
"We have listened to our subscribers and aggressively moved forward in a very pro-active manner to enhance the E-Learning Centre, ensuring it is not only an exceptional Business Learning and Evaluation tool, but also a complete Business Resource Center available at the Independent Shop owner/manager’s fingertips 24/7".
Enhancements to the released site version include:
– Quicker, more direct access to all modules of the site
– Improved detailed table of contents
– Improved interface training module and web site help assistance
– Additional voice-overs throughout the site
– Personalized "Book Marks" available for each individual subscriber
– An open recent list
– Build your own Profit Plan module
– Build your own Return on Investment module
– Save up to 12 versions of personal business data entered on any data entry module
– We have combined the student progress and quiz scores with table of content for easier viewing
– Improved the quizzes further to enhance each module’s content
– Improved the modular form handling procedures and saving processes
– Updated the animations and graphics
– Given the entire site a new look and layout which is very similar to other common computer applications allowing for site function familiarity

"I am very proud of the skill and dedication the AAEC team have provided to ensure that this Internet site is really second to none in North America," said Greenwood. "It has become a very powerful resource center that any Independent shop owner/manager could ever ask for, by assisting them to not only understand business management criteria of an Independent shop that drives bottom-line profitability, but provides them with the tools necessary to evaluate their businesses progress on an on-going basis, and it is available to them 24/7."
Mr. Greenwood also pointed out, "AAEC is also a very powerful tool for the wholesale parts distributor as a "must have" in their store 24/7. The AAEC subscription is "facility" specific not "person" specific, so it provides the knowledge the distributor owner and their entire field personnel require to understand their customers (shop owners) business as to the real issues that shop owners face day-to-day. It also provides the parts distributor with the understanding of the solutions required to grow the shop’s business with bottom-line performance. By understanding their customers business, it allows the Parts Distributor to customize their services to each shop owner, which in turn, not only brings high end added-value for the shop owner, but secures the shops first call parts purchase loyalty to that chosen parts supplier."
The AAEC website is Bob Greenwood can be reached toll free at 1-800-267-5497.

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