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Automechanika Goes Green

Twenty-five products and services have been selected for the Green Directory at Automechanika in Frankfurt.
Dr. Gerhard Angerer of the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research (ISI) has evaluated the 73 products and services submitted by 55 companies in accordance with their innovativeness and environmental friendliness. The criteria were: contribution to climate protection, a more efficient use of energy, the reduction of acoustic or particulate emissions and/or the efficient use of resources and materials.
The Green Directory guides visitors to selected, environmentally-friendly, low-emission technologies, products and services from seven categories. Thus, the Green Directory reinforces the main theme of the 20th Automechanika, which focuses on global warming and its impact on the automotive aftermarket.
The participants selected and the titles of their entries are, by category:
1) Parts
Volkswagen AG, Kassel “Volkswagen Exchange Programme” taking back, reconditioning and reselling used vehicle parts.
Beru AG, Ludwigsburg “PSG glow plugs with integrated combustion-chamber sensor'”. The sensor integrated into the glow plug is the key to closed-loop combustion control in diesel engines.
Robert Bosch GmbH, Karlsruhe “Bosch eXchange Parts” taking back, reconditioning and reselling used vehicle parts.
Bart Ebben Specialist Citron Peugeot, France “Reuse and Recycling Parts” Computer-aided selection, recovery, reconditioning, storage and reselling used parts.
Delphi France SAS, France “Multec Diesel Common Rail” (DCR) inexpensive common-rail injection system for diesel engines.
GKN Service International GmbH, Rsrath “System for recycling old grease” utilising excess grease from new-parts production for reconditioning exchange parts.
Hengst GmbH & Co. KG, Mnster “Energetic” Filter System exchangeable oil filters for which only the filter need be exchanged. All other parts can be reused several times.
Volkswagen AG, Kassel “Volkswagen Original DPF Retrofit Solution” retrofit solution for diesel particulate filters.
Brembo S.P.A., Italy “Dual Cast Brake Disc” Disc-brake concept with a composite of aluminium and cast iron.
FTE automotive GmbH, Ebern “Travel sensors on the clutch hydraulic system” The sensors are used to control the clutch hydraulic system from manual and twin-clutch transmissions.”
ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Tuning GmbH, Ennepetal “Damper” high-strength steel for stock-absorbers – shock-absorber design weighing 24 percent less.
2) Systems
Azentek L.L.C., USA “CPC 1000” technical platform in vehicles for bidirectional communication channels for intelligent traffic management.
ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH, Hannover “Conti Green Runner” toothed belt for synchronising crankshaft and camshafts as a replacement for the tooth-type chain.
Landi Renzo Spa, Italy “Landirenzo Omegas Plus Injection System” Retrofit system for bivalent petrol / liquid gas and petrol / natural gas operation.
3) Accessories & Tuning
Hubco Automotive Ltd, New Zealand “Load Rack” Modular, aerodynamic roof-rack system.
4) Repair/ Diagnostics
ASNU Corporation Europe Ltd, England “ASNU Gasoline Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing System” system for testing electronic injection nozzles during servicing.
MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG, Haldenwang “MPM 4 Particulate Measuring Device” laser-aided measurements of particulate concentrations in the exhaust emissions of internal combustion engines.
5) Repair/ Maintenance
E.A.R.S. Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Bevesen “Manifold” recirculation of exhaust air from compressed-air tools to the compressor.
SRI-France, France “Biological Parts Cleaner” washstand for cleaning parts with active microorganisms for the decomposition of organic contamination.
Alfred Krcher GmbH, Winnenden “PC 100 M1 Bio” washstand for cleaning parts using microorganisms without the use of solvents.
ph-cleantech GmbH, Fellbach “Hot Cleaning Device” device with washstand for cleaning brakes and other vehicle parts.
SRI-France, France “Solvent-free Brake Cleaner” washstand for cleaning brakes without the use of solvents.
6) IT & Management
DEKRA Umwelt GmbH, Stuttgart “DEKRA Energy Benchmark” software system for comparing the energy consumption of automobile workshops.
7) Service Station & Car Wash
Unitron Electronics AG, Switzerland “Unitron-LEDline Tube” LED luminaires for filling stations and automobile workshops.
HIS-Industrieberatung GmbH, Remscheid “PURGATOR Screen Wash Tab” One screen-wash tab dissolved in water produces 4 litres of screen-wash liquid.
From the end of August, you will find further information about participants and their products on the internet at

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