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Automechanika Aftermarket Forum Focus on Service Business Today and Tomorrow

The Automechanika Aftermarket Forum will be held from 11 to 14 September 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, and will include presentations by first-class speakers on a variety of topics.

In addition to the Accident Repair Congress and the Damage Forum, the subjects to be covered will include the German service market, mobility tomorrow – current concepts, technology and services, the retail trade, workshops and new energies – Customer Service 2.0, and personnel marketing and recruiting.

All lectures will be translated simultaneously into English and German.

Customer Service 2.0 should be of interest wherever you do business.

The new media, i.e., the internet, Facebook & Co, have become an everyday part of modern life and continue to gain influence steadily in both the private and business fields. They are also becoming increasingly important for the workshop and service segments.

No matter whether it is a question of making customer contacts, taking advantage of new offers, providing information or selling workshop services, it is important that people working in the service field come to terms with the impact of the new channels of communication and sales. And the aim of the Service Symposium 2012 is to make a major contribution to this.

At the Aftermarket Forum of Automechanika 2012, experts from different fields will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of current developments, as well as exchange ideas and opinions with the audience.

The questions to be tackled include:

New media and new target groups

How can workshops improve customer service with the aid of new media?

A curse or blessing?

The impact of new workshop portals on workshop practice

Reality or illusion?

Do the new media create greater transparency in the service field?

Dream or reality?

Given the personnel shortage, can workshops hope to meet customer expectations with regard to their web presence?

Plus or minus?

The tightrope walk between new sources of income and price dumping.

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