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Feature   January 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Automatic Transmission Service Machines

Century’s T-Tech automatic transmission service machines–the TT300 PRO Plus and the TT200 PRO–are both functional and attractive. Also, in the case of the TT300 PRO Plus, it can help installers sell the service. The unit’s large backlit cylinder clearly illustrates the difference between the fluid coming out and the fluid going in. Both have a “Pan Drain” feature which allows convenient draining of transmission pans when replacing the filter. The new models have a large capacity 18-quart tank, and include the new auto bypass safety switch, which automatically triggers the unit into bypass or loop mode when the transmission fluid exchange is complete, allowing the technician to walk away during servicing. The easy-to-use closed loop operation connects the T-Tech unit directly to the transmission cooling line, and with the new “auto-alignment” feature, it cannot be connected the wrong way. Contact: Century Mfg. Co., 9231 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN.

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