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News   January 20, 2004   by Auto Service World

Auto Leaders Pessimistic About Fuel Cells

Members at the Auto News World Congress in Detroit have predicted that the use of fuel cells to power vehicles may take over a decade longer than anticipated to come on the mass market, according to Datamonitor Newswire.
Robert Bosch Corporation president Dr. Kurt Liedtke, predicted that internal combustion engines would be the dominant power source in vehicles until around 2025. Dr. Liedtke asserted that fuel cell technology research is fraught by cost and infrastructure technology challenges.
In contrast, Rodney O’Neal, president of Delphi Corp. stated that its fuel cell technology, which uses solid oxide fuel cells, could be ready for mass marketing by 2020.
Ford Motor Company, which is about to launch a hybrid version of the firm’s Escape SUV, announced that it will wait for the response to that vehicle before mass producing a fuel cell car.

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