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News   March 8, 2007   by Auto Service World

Auto Fluff a New Source of Oil?

Global Resource Corp. announced that its microwave technology has converted samples of automobile fluff (ASR) into gases and/or diesel fuel and heating oil.
Automobile fluff consists of materials that are comprised of non-metallic components equaling approximately ten percent of the total weight of an automobile.
Currently, these materials are going to landfills across the United States and Europe and costing about $40 to $60 a ton to dispose of.
With 16 million cars disposed of each year in the United States and no home for these materials other than landfills, the company insists we are burying millions of barrels of oil per year.
When the fluff is exposed to GBRC’s patent-pending microwave frequencies, it is converted by 43% by-weight into gases and/or diesel fuel and heating oil, making fuel from previously unusable materials.
GBRC CEO Frank Pringle said, “We are really excited that our technology works to recycle automobiles. Our technology can really cut down on the waste that disposing of cars currently requires. GBRC endeavors to clean the environment and this will be a huge step to attain that end.”
Global Resource Corp. has a patent pending process that allows for removal of oil and alternative petroleum products at very low cost from various resources, including shale deposits, tar sands and waste oil streams with significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available utilizing existing known technologies.
The process uses specific frequencies of microwave radiation to extract oils and alternative petroleum products from secondary raw materials, and is expected to dramatically reduce the cost for oil and gas recovery from a variety of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

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