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News   January 9, 2002   by Auto Service World

And they say lightning never strikes twice . . .

Having one’s car stolen once is bad enough, but when it happens twice in one month it makes you wonder.
But that’s what happened when Florida native Byron Cohen’s first Corvette which was stolen four weeks ago and then its replacement was taken last week. Byron refused to give up fulfilling his Corvette dream.
With his replacement Corvette, Byron opted not to put his faith in the factory security system which didn’t stop the first theft. Typically, when thieves learn where any factory alarm is mounted and read the service manual, a car like the Corvette ceases to be safe.
Instead Byron opted to have an aftermarket tracking system installed because OnStar is not available for Corvettes. He chose an InterTrak system because it is easily hidden and its automatic notification feature alerts the car owner when the car is stolen.
It seems that the second thief played the odds and decided to steal Byron’s replaced Corvette in the middle of the day. The moment the crook cranked the Corvette’s starter his actions initiated the InterTrak alert process and Byron received a theft alert phone call within a minute. Byron immediately called InterTrak who coordinated with the Pompano Sheriff’s department to file a theft report and gave them the location, speed and direction of his vanishing Vette.
When the thief saw the police roadblock down in front of him and then noticed two police cars casually following him, he pulled over and parked the Corvette, his hands outstretched, convinced of his capture. The computer data generated by the theft will be used in court for a conviction in the 30 minute Corvette caper.

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