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News   March 29, 2010   by Auto Service World

AMP Research Offers Jobber Incentives

AMP Research, maker of the Power Step, has announced a new jobber incentive program, offering historically low prices and a value-added LED Light Kit at no extra charge.

AMP Research is aggressively expanding its North American distribution network as it launches a program covering its full line of innovative truck accessories: the AMP Research Power Step, BedStep and Bed X-Tender, all designed, and manufactured in the USA by AMP Research. has confirmed that the program is available to jobbers in Canada.

Coming into effect immediately, the program is designed to support resellers and consumers with the best pricing, quality and customer service in the category.

“AMP Research sales numbers have remained strong, despite the truck market being hit hard last year with historically high gas prices and a severe downturn in the economy,” states Mark Wronski, director of marketing for AMP Research.

“With the launch of our new distribution strategy, we are aggressively seeking new distribution partners to meet consumer demand in the North American market. The AMP Research brand is unique in the auto aftermarket. AMP’s reputation as the unqualified leader in design and product innovation of in-demand truck accessories— makes our distribution offer very attractive for companies looking to grow their accessory business as the economy improves. We look forward to developing many new partnerships in 2010.”

New Value Added Program for the AMP Research Power Step

The company’s flagship product, the AMP Research Power Step is now being offered to qualified jobbers at nearly 20% below prior jobber prices and will include an LED Light Kit with free of charge (a $90 retail value). This offer is available for both new and existing jobbers.

AMP Research Power Step Program Features:

• All-new national distribution network – Product available in stock and more widely available, and accessible

• All-new lower jobber pricing

• LED Light Kit now included at not extra charge ($90 retail value)

• 24 SKUs to cover today’s most popular full size pickups and SUVs

• Flat pricing on all applications (Hummer H2/H3 exempted)

• Suggested Minimum Price Policy

• AMP Research Tech Support – get product information, warranty and service parts direct from the people who invented the product


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