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News   September 20, 2005   by Auto Service World

American Chopper to Complete NAPA Drag Bike, Repeat Airings

The final episode of the American Chopper NAPA Drag Bike build, which aired in Canada last night on Discovery Channel, will be repeated September 24.
Orange County Chopper crew built a NAPA Drag Bike over two episodes of American Chopper airing in Canada on September 13 and 20 on the Discovery Channel.
The episodes ran at 9:00 p.m. ET on Sept 13 and 20, with repeat showings scheduled for Sept. 17 and 24. Viewers should check local listings closer to air time.
The bike build is the latest facet of a agreement struck between the auto parts distribution network and the Tuetul family of Orange County Choppers.
The agreement calls for NAPA and Orange County Choppers to partner on national promotions and produce a line of co-branded products and merchandise. Additionally, the Teutuls will be appearing in NAPA’s print, and television advertising.
NAPA will also capitalize on product placement opportunities within “American Chopper” and the Orange County Chopper shop.
“We have found that viewers of ‘American Chopper’ and fans of Orange County Choppers are also NAPA customers, whether we’re talking about do-it- yourselfers or professional. This is a perfect fit for us,” said NAPA president Bob Susor in January when the agreement was announced. “‘”American Chopper’ appeals to NAPA customers. They enjoy the personalities on the show and like to see how these rolling works of art are created each week.”
Established in 1999, Orange County Choppers grew out of Orange County Ironworks, a company founded by Paul Teutul Sr. in 1969. “American Chopper” debuted on The Discovery Channel in September 2002 and ranks among its most popular shows. Today, Orange County Choppers turns out 150 annually, including theme bikes such as the Lance Armstrong and P.O.W. bikes.
“All my life, the guys I know who work on their bikes or themselves have used NAPA parts. It’s almost second nature to see NAPA in a shop or garage,” said Paul Teutul Sr., who was influenced by such motorcycle movie classics as Easy Rider and The Wild One. “I’m happy we’ve partnered with NAPA — it makes a lot of sense for us and our show’s viewers. NAPA is a great brand with a tradition of quality, the kind of quality we build into our bikes.”

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