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News   February 24, 2010   by Auto Service World

AllData White Paper Details Importance of Manufacturers’ Info for Collision Repairs

AllData has released a white paper discussing the need for collision repair facilities to have vehicle manufacturers’ OE repair information.

“The people who build the cars have the final word on how to repair them after a collision,” said AllData senior program manager for collision, Dan Espersen. “The manufacturers have very specific requirements about sectioning, weld types, panel attachment, handling new materials, hybrid safety and a lot more. And every manufacturer has its own requirements.”

Given how rapidly vehicle technology is changing, more and more collision shops are realizing that they need up-to-date information for working on alternative steels, magnesium, aluminum, composites and plastics. In some cases, new adhesives are required to make repairs rather than traditional welding techniques.

According to the white paper, new and ever-evolving technologies, economic pressures, and requirements mandated by insurance company agreements all put enormous pressure on collision shops. With slim profit margins and labour rates held in place by market forces, increased productivity is becoming essential to survival.

“This white paper resulted from talking to a lot of people who are living with today’s business and economic challenges, and from a very informative round table discussion held at the NACE conference in November,” says Espersen. “It confirmed for me what I already knew, that OE information can help mitigate a lot of the issues facing shops today.”

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