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News   July 21, 2011   by AUTOSERVICEWORLD.COM

Airtex Adds Dodge Diesel Throttle Position Sensors

Long-Life Non-Contact Sensors Offered Without Unnecessary, Expensive Replacement Mounting Bracket for Ram 2500 and 3500 Models
.Airtex Engine Management has introduced two non-contact throttle position sensors that eliminate wear issues and significantly reduce repair costs on Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 diesel trucks.
The new Airtex TPS sensors, now available for 1998-2007 Ram 2500 (Airtex #5S5351) and 3500 (#5S5352) models, feature problem-solving “Hall Effect” integrated circuitry that eliminates the wear-intensive contact associated with the OE parts and aftermarket alternatives.
Repetitive motion of the contact fingers across the resistor board on conventional sensors can wear holes in the board, causing engine hesitation. The new Airtex parts’ innovative design eliminates this contact and is also significantly more resistant to shock and vibration.
Unlike competing sensors – including those offered by Dodge dealers – the new Airtex TPS sensors are sold without the expensive, and rarely needed, mounting bracket.
“A replacement mounting bracket is absolutely not needed in nearly all of these repairs, and it adds significantly to the cost of the parts sourced through dealers or other aftermarket suppliers,” said Glen Eichhorn, vice president, electronics, Airtex Engine Management. “By choosing Airtex, repair professionals can offer a better-than-OE alternative that also costs significantly less.”