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News   August 26, 2003   by Auto Service World

Air From British Columbia Fires Damaging to Vehicles: Auto Association

The recent fires that devastated homes in the B.C. interior has consequences for vehicles, too, according to the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), and can potentially cause damage to the campers, trailers and cars people are relying on. The BCAA reminds technicans and motorists that dust and ash can quickly plug up air filters and lead to vehicle performance problems. After cleaning or replacing the air filter, clean the air filter housing unit with a vacuum, recommends the association, adding that dust and ash can take a considerable amount of time to clear, so it’s important to check the air filter again in a few weeks. The consumer group also notes that the air intake area located at the base of the windshield can allow dirt and dust into a vehicle’s interior through air conditioners and heaters. Other recommendations are:

– Top up the windshield washer fluid and ensure that wipers are in good operating order, as mess and grit can form on windshields.

– Headlights should be on at all times, especially in reduced visibility.

– Motorists should also plan trips carefully and as little as possible, as streets could be busy with emergency crews.

– Once all the dust has settled and there are no more water restrictions, vehicle owners are advised to wash their vehicles thoroughly. Ash buildup can be acidic and may damage a vehicle’s paint.

– If you are unsure of the mechanics of your vehicle, take it to your local automobile service facility to have it looked at.

The BCAA’s website is

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