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AIA Revitalizes Volunteer Structure

AIA Chairman of the Board Sean Corcelli has announced a revitalized volunteer structure for the Association that reflects AIA’s new vision and strategic plan. The highlights of the reorganization include two main standing committees and more emphasis on working groups to accomplish projects, as well as a stronger relationship
between AIA volunteer groups (divisions, sector councils and committees).
The newly refined volunteer structure reflects AIA’s four core activities:

*Government Relations
*Information Sharing
*Enhancing Industry Image

The streamlined volunteer structure and AIA volunteers will play a vital role in the 2003 Business and Action Plan.
“With this new structure and a clear mandate for each of the councils and committees, AIA’s ability to translate and prioritize member needs into actions will be simplified and accelerated,” says AIA Chairman Sean Corcelli. “I am confident this new volunteer structure will strengthen the association and increase the value provided to the association through its volunteers. AIA has more than 300 volunteers – they are the engine that drives the association. Ensuring that the volunteer structure is strong fuels the association overall and creates for a finely-tuned vehicle running
efficiently and at high performance.”
The new structure is as follows:
AIA Divisions are the key link to members across the country – bringing AIA to its members. The 13 AIA Divisions will continue in their current structure, but with more emphasis on regional activities. AIA Division
chairpeople will continue to serve on the AIA Board of Directors and will continue to participate in the Division Chairperson’s council. The goals of the divisions are:

*To provide opportunities for personal growth for all AIA member company personnel through professional education programs at division meetings and seminars offered by the Division and AIA National.
*To provide members with networking opportunities.
*To provide a forum for members to address local/regional issues impacting the automotive aftermarket industry.
*To promote the aftermarket and the Association at the local level through the distribution of scholarships (division specific, Marion Roberts, Arthur Paulin, GAAS, Motive Power Machinist); including fundraising for the scholarships.

Sector Councils
AIA has maintained most of its sector councils. Sector Councils meet the special needs and interests of the diverse, yet interconnected, sectors of the aftermarket industry. The mandates of the sector councils will be
strengthened, and representatives from the sector councils will now participate on AIA’s two main standing committees. The following sector councils will continue:

*Division Chairperson’s
*Engine Rebuilders
*Jobber & Warehouse Distributors
*Paint, Body, & Equipment

Because of its unique nature and diverse membership, the AIA International Council has been reclassified as a Working Group. Through this group, AIA’s International activities will focus on:
*Representing the interests of the Canadian automotive aftermarket in overall export and trade;
*The development of international opportunities for AIA Exporter and Sales Agent members;
*Promoting opportunities for AIA members in international circles; and
*Establishing international partnerships, primarily in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Standing Committees
“To reflect the Association’s need to focus on Government Relations and provide information to members, and the high priority that members place on these activities, AIA will now have only two Standing Committees: the Government Relations Committee and the Information Resources Committee,” continues the AIA Chairman.

The Public Relations Committee will be disbanded as it has been determined to be a staff function that is guided by the work of all AIA councils and committees. AIA has had a Government Relations Committee for a number of years. That
committee and its activities have recently been strengthened. “The Association recognizes that government legislation and regulations can significantly impact AIA members – from jobbers to suppliers and retailers to warehouse distributors,” says Sean Corcelli. “Therefore, the Association will further strengthen its focus on Government Relations activities through this committee.”
To continue to strengthen the AIA Government Relations activities, a more formal relationship between AIA sector councils and the committee is being developed. The Government Relations Committee will continue to be chaired
by Robert Blair (CARQUEST Canada Ltd.). “The work of AIA’s Education and Training Committee and Information Technology Committee will continue as part of the newly formed Information Resources Committee,” continues the AIA Chairman. The purpose of the Information Resources Committee will be to ensure that AIA members have the information and resources necessary to support the on-going prosperity and health of automotive aftermarket companies and the industry overall. Past AIA Chairman Randy Moore (Mister Transmission International Ltd.) has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Information Resources Committee. The Committee plans to encompass a number of working groups, for example, the Market Research Task Force.

Working Groups
Each working group will have a specific purpose and a defined life span. For example, the Market Research Task Force is developing recommendations for AIA market research activities; its activities are expected to cease by the end of the summer of 2003.
Some working groups may report directly to the AIA Board of Directors. In addition to the Market Research Task Force, other working groups (for 2003 and beyond) include:

*Regional Events

Overall Volunteer Structure
There have been no changes to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The new volunteer structure includes the following breakdown of AIA councils and committees:

*Board of Directors (1)
*Executive/Finance Committee (1)
*Divisions (13)
*Sector Councils (6)
*Standing Committees (2)
*Working Groups (5)

The refined volunteer structure should allow for fewer meeting conflicts for AIA volunteers. For example, the Board of Directors, sector councils, and standing committees will each meet a minimum of twice per year during a pre-determined week. Sector councils will meet on the Thursday, standing committees on the Friday, and the AIA Board of Directors on the Saturday morning. Information, feedback, and consensus will be generated throughout the process.
AIA anticipates that this new volunteer structure will make it easier for AIA volunteers to participate in the activities of the Association and enhance its activities on behalf of its members. “The greatest gifts that
volunteers provide AIA are the gifts of their creativity, experience, time and energy. Concludes AIA Chairman Corcelli, “We hope that this new volunteer structure will make it both easier and more rewarding for volunteers to donate their most precious resource – themselves.”
The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) is the voice and resource for the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada. AIA’s mandate is to promote, educate and represent members in all areas that impact the
growth and prosperity of the industry.

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