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Feature   July 1, 2001   by Murray Coleman, Delta Automotive


“Does the aftermarket industry have full access? There’s really no clear answer. We don’t know what we don’t know. We’re pushing for full access, but it’s kind of like the holy grail. We have more out there now than we could have ever hoped for, but it’s going to be a long term battle to get all the information we need.“– Aaron Lowe, AAIA

“The responsibility for training lies with the technician. We have a lot of factory technicians come to our training, especially in the northern parts of provinces. They do a good job of training their techs, but there is only so much time available for training.”— Raymond Belanger, Injectronics

“When I go to Germany (and talk to car manufacturers) they seem unaware that 70% of the service on their vehicles in North America is done outside their dealer network. Why are they unaware? I think maybe they just close their eyes to it.”–Greg Potter, Snap-On

“The equipment that we buy has many capabilities, but we don’t always know what they are.”— Henry Nielson, Henry’s First Stop Automotive

“You need the information from manufacturers certainly, and the equipment, but there’s a lot of responsibility (on the part of) the owner that their technicians have the training resources, and that we make the commitment to take them off the floor.”

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