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News   November 16, 2005   by Auto Service World

AIA Announces Marion Roberts Scholarship Winners

From nurses to lawyers, and journalists to teachers, 62 young adults will be better able to pursue the career of their choice with a little help from AIA; and 62 proud parents from AIA member companies will be relieved to know financial support for their child’s education is on the way.
The Automotive Industries Association of Canada is pleased to announce the 2005 winners of the Marion Roberts Scholarship Awards. The scholarships are an AIA member benefit for students pursuing a post secondary education in any field of endeavour. They are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership skills and community involvement to the children of AIA member company employees.
“It is interesting to see that a number of the scholarship applicants are pursing entrepreneurial careers in areas such as business,” says AIA President Ray Datt. “It is probably based on the entrepreneurial example their parents set. Many of the parents are jobbers or the owners of family-owned enterprises. The parents of these young people should be very proud. Congratulations and best wishes to them all!”
It is often difficult for individual companies, especially small businesses, to be able to offer a scholarship program to their employees. As a national association, AIA is able to offer this scholarship as a member service. While the scholarship is open to all AIA member companies, it is particularly valuable to AIA jobber members and their employees. AIA encourages more member companies, jobbers in particular, to take advantage of the scholarship and let their employees know about it, so that more deserving young people can benefit from this valuable member service.
The Marion Roberts scholarship applicants do not have to be pursuing a career in the aftermarket, they can be pursuing any field of study, at any post-secondary level, at any Canadian college or university.
The name of the scholarship winner is listed below along with the name of the family member and company that qualified them to win an award. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded $500 to help them with their studies.


Ashley Kwakernaak
(Pam Kwakernaak, Excel Auto Supply)

Ashley Molloy
(Dennis Molloy, Kings County Auto)

Ashley Kelly
(Dan Kelly, Autochoice)

Bobbi Lawlor
(David Lawlor, Tanton’s Accessories)

Ashley McLaughlin
(Suzanne McLaughlin, Robert K. Buzzell)

Jenna Vance
(Gregory Vance, Vance’s Auto Supplies Ltd.)


David Parent
(Jacques Parent, Coventa Inc.)

Julie-Alice Ratt
(Anne Patterson, Distibution PGR Inc.)

Jean-Sbastien Draws
(Lionel Draws, Arvin Meritor)

Catherine Draws
(Lionel Draws, Arvin Meritor)

Jessie Mill
(Lise Lechasseur, Pieces D’Auto B.M.)

Mylne Rousseau
(Rjean Rousseau, Publications Rousseau & Associes)


Sarah St.Jean
(Denis St.Jean, CARQUEST Canada Ltd.)


Esther Yoo
(Bong ae Yoo, Dixie Electric Ltd.)

Rachel Robertson
(Murray Robertson, Goodyear)

Ishwarjot Bassan
(Rasbir Bassan, Ultrafit Manufacturing)

Sarah Reeves
(Frank Reeves, Dayco Canada Corp.)

Stephanie Moore
(Randy Moore, Mister Transmission)

Siobhan DaSilva
(Villian DaSilva, Pennzoil-Quaker State)

Keegan Tremblay
(Brian Tremblay, Goodyear Canada)

Brad Lucas
(Dan Lucas, Goodyear Napanee)

Azher (AJ) Shareef
(Perry Shareef, Auto Sense Auto Parts)

Marc Clauser
(Josie Clauser, Goodyear)


Kyle Charlton
(Rob Labadie, Napa Auto Parts)

Sabrina Adams
(Brenda Adams, Canusa Automotive Warehousing Inc.)

Melissa Mullen
(Albert Mullen, Walkerton Auto Parts)

Rebecca Leon
(Kevin Leon, Uni-Select Inc.)

Samuel Humphrey
(Marie Humphrey, McNaughton Autmotive)

Gillian Berfelz
(Paul Berfelz, Ideal Supply Company)


Courteney Low
(Gord Low, Auto Parts Central)

Christina Kapac
(Robert Kapac, Inlett Inc. (Autoline Products)

Susan Margaret Carey
(Ron Carey, Thiessen Auto Parts)

Kari Schultz
(Al Schultz, Piston Ring Service)

Lindsey Creek
(Neil Creek, USI-AGI Prairies)

Kirsten Bernas
(Julian Bernas, Phillips & Temro Industries Ltd.)

Kim Nguyen
(Viet Hung Nguyen, Autoline Products Ltd.)

Amber Matwychuk
(David A. Matwychuk, Furby Auto Supply)


Mehgan Shaw
(Rick Shaw, Auto Electric Service)

Erin Witwicki
(alan Witwicki, Canora Auto Electric)

Jessica Blanch
(George Blanch, Acklands-Grainger)

Krista Adams
(Keith Adams, Sargents Auto Electric)

Amanda Barton
(Marvin Barton, Acklands-Grainger)

Dana Basiuk
(Dean Basiuk, Lone Star Parts Ltd.)


Calvin Elias
(Joe Elias, Norpine Auto Supplu Inc.)

Natalie McLachlan
(Brian McLachlan, Prairie Auto & Industrial Supply)

Carson Lueck
(Ralph Lueck, Norton Canada Inc.)

Nathaniel Lueck
(Ralph Lueck, Norton Canada Inc.)

Stephanie Revell
(Bill Revell, Grote Industries)

Chris Gallant
(Jim Gallant, Bumper to Bumper)


Tanya Chacko
(Joe Chacko, Zelmor Automotive Ltd.)

Kelsey Sinclair
(Bob Sinclair, Dixie Electric Ltd.)

Michael Koop
(Esther Koop, Fountain Tire)

Amanda Whittal
(Frank Hutchins, Transbec)

Cailin Mundy
(John Mundy, Town & Country Auto Parts)

Mitchell Reynaud
(Richard Reynaud, Rocky Automotive Distributors Ltd.)


Britany Bexson
(Doug Bexson, Midway Distributors Ltd.)


Danielle Fantillo
(Joe Fantillo, Lordco)

Mark Allen Fedyshen
(Kenneth A. Fedyshen, H. Paulin Co. Ltd.)

Jayna Hussey
(John Hussey, Honeywell CPG)

Elizabeth Hlus
(Brian Hlus, MBE Investments)

Ryan Taylor
(Marty Taylor, Dayco Canada Corp.)


Kristina Clark
(Jim Clark, Lordco)

Lesley Shaw-MacLaren
(Mary Anne Shaw-MacLaren)

Christina Kinch
(Pat Kinch, NAPA Auto Parts)

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