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News   November 4, 2011   by Auto Service World

AAPEX Special Report: Philips Shines Under the Hood

Philips Automotive Lighting North America launched a full range of LED worklamps designed specifically for automotive shops and professional technicians.
This line is compact, portable and ergonomically designed, delivering an intense cool white light, wherever needed.
The worklamp line includes three different models-Philips LED Penlight, a LED inspection lamp with a 30-foot power cord, and a cordless LED inspection lamp with a rechargeable docking station. Both of the inspection lamps offer a wide angle of illumination, and the cordless model features an integrated UV light for A/C leak detection.
Compared to conventional Halogen and fluorescent lamp technology, Philips says its LED lamps use only a fraction of the required power consumption.
Ideal for harsh work environment, Philips LED line is resistant to water, dust, chemicals and solvents, as well as impact resistant.