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News   September 5, 2012   by Auto Service World

AAPEX Learning Forum To Feature Six Sessions on Industry Trends

Six of the 30 sessions in the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) Learning Forum will focus on industry trends to help attendees better position their businesses for the future. Learning Forum sessions are offered at no cost, and will begin Monday, Oct. 29 – the day before the official start of AAPEX<> – and run during AAPEX, Tuesday, Oct. 30 through Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Outlook for Fuel and Raw Material Costs: How it Impacts Everyone in the Aftermarket

Speaker: Jason Schenker, Prestige Economics, LLC

It is no secret that gasoline and diesel prices have a direct impact on vehicle miles driven and aftermarket product demand. A major unknown, however, is how escalating raw materials and fuel costs will impact the future of the aftermarket supply chain and aftermarket distribution channel partners. Market conditions have constrained retail pricing power on aftermarket products, while input costs have continued to rise in a very volatile manner. Are we headed for a crisis? Well-known and respected economist Jason Schenker (an award-winning “Bloomberg Best” forecaster across eight commodity categories including oil prices) will share Prestige Economics’ top-rated forecasts and provide insights as to what everyone who makes a living in the aftermarket needs to know about the risks and realities of future commodity and fuel prices.

The Partnership Path to Brand Differentiation & Success!

Speaker: Jackie DeLise, Vermillion Consulting

Bringing a brand to life is challenging work and can only be successful through the power of a partnership: manufacturers with innovative products, brand marketers with savvy strategic insights, distributors as supply chain leaders and design agencies with visual prowess to emotionally connect with consumers. Understanding how a brand transforms from Good to Great is important for every partner in the supply chain – especially in today’s society full of “synthetic” communications/social media mania and crowd sourced decision making, where it can put you at the apex of consumer preferential choice over the competition.

Intellectual Property: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Speaker: Sarah Bruno, Arent Fox

Intellectual Property, or IP, is often thought of as synonymous with counterfeit products. However, IP extends well past counterfeiting to include ownership of patents, trademarks, trade dress, proprietary process and much more. Unlike many things in life, what you do not know about protecting and/or respecting intellectual property can indeed hurt you, as ignorance has been proven to not be a legitimate defense in the eyes of the court. The law firm Arent Fox is a specialist on all things related to IP in many industries, including the automotive aftermarket. This seminar will address not only how to protect your own IP but also how to protect yourself from being an unknowing participant in unlawful activities.

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: Why and How to Define and Nurture Your Company Culture

Speaker: Shawn Parr, Bulldog Drummond

Get on a Southwest flight to anywhere, buy shoes from, groceries from Whole Foods, or a Double-Double from In N’ Out and you’ll get a taste of these brands’ vibrant cultures. Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation. A strong culture flourishes with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way a company operates. Performance-oriented cultures possess statistically better financial growth, with high employee involvement, strong internal communication and an acceptance of a healthy level of risk-taking in order to achieve new levels of innovation. Building a strong culture takes hard work and true commitment. In this session, learn the benefits and basic building blocks of a strong culture in order to realize long term business success.

Sprechen Zie Brand?

Speaker: Shawn Parr, Bulldog Drummond

Brands are like people and people are like brands. And like people, many brands fall short of reaching their full potential and many well-intentioned ideas get lost on their way to implementation. Some brands become paralyzed before the first step, while others simply fail to weave the brand ideals throughout the company and as a result, the brand becomes a statement that simply lives on websites and corporate documents, rather than everyday operations. This session will cover how brand can make your company successful by providing strategic clarity.

The New Aftermarket: We Have an App for That

Speaker: Derek Kaufman, C3 Network, Inc.

Mobility is the future of business – more business is conducted in real time and between graphically dispersed situations than ever before. Mobile applications that can address specific business needs – such as sales force automation, logistics and customer service – can generate revenue and facilitate reaching potential customers, partners and suppliers. Companies adopting these applications will see increased productivity and return-on-investment based on new ways of doing business for the rapidly changing marketplace. In this session, learn about the trends in business mobile/smartphone applications and how the aftermarket is benefitting from this technology.

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