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Feature   April 2, 2005   by CARS Magazine

A/C Service 2005

Tools for speedy, effective and profitable mobile air conditioning service

Mobile A/C Tune Up and Sealant Kit

The Duracool Mobile A/C Tune Up and Sealant Kit is the answer to most difficult to find and expensive to repair phantom leaks. The easy to follow step by step installation instructions guides the user through the installation procedure, in many cases in less than an hour. The contents of the kit removes moisture in the system, stop leaks and replaces any refrigerant oil that may have been lost as a result of leaks. Each kit contains adapter fittings for older vehicles or equipment, a charging hose and a low side pressure gauge that allows the installer to accurately measure system performance. The combination of Duracool DuraDry Duracool SystemSeal and Duracool A/C Oil Chill that are included in the kit ensure minute single or multiple leaks will be eliminated and that system cooling will be restored. Any residual Duracool SystemSeal that is not used when sealing initial leaks will continue to travel in the system and seal future leaks that may occur.

Deepfreeze Refrigerants Inc.


Recovery system is compact, light

Red Tek’s Stinger professional refrigerant recovery system is constructed of a rugged durable polymer and is extremely compact and easy to carry. The unit features a fast liquid recovery compressor with dual condensers and cooling fans in a package that weighs only 8 kilograms. The Stinger’s advanced oilless compressor recovers liquid without damage and works with all refrgerants.

Thermofluid Technologies Inc.


Kit detects presence of sealants

Neutronics QuickDetect A/C Sealant Detection Kit immediately lets you know if there is sealant in the vehicle’s A/C system, helping to prevent damage to refrigerant recovery machine and possible loss of warranty. The kit works on R134a and R12 systems and is easy to use. The disposable, low cost design also gives fast, accurate results.

Neutronics Inc.


UV leak detection kit is cordless, convenient

UView Ultraviolet Systems’ Spotgun jr./UV-PHAZER kit contains everything needed for quick, easy leak detection. The kit includes a Spotgun Jr. dye injection gun, UV-Phazer true-UV LED light with batteries, 2 universal A/C dye cartridges for 10 applications, R-134a and R-12 adapters, UV glasses and dye cleaner/remover. The system injects a precise amount of dye into the A/C system without over-injection or mess.

UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc.


A/C equipment protection

Recycle Guard by Cliplight Manufactur-ing Company separates and removes contaminants in A/C systems, preventing damage to service equipment. Recycle Guard easily attaches between vehicle and A/C equipment re-moving dyes, trapping oil sludge and separating and collecting lubricant. Filters are easily replaceable and contaminants are quickly drained with an easy cleanout port. Recycle Guard keeps refrigerant supplies clean and maintains closed loop refrigerant flush capability.

Cliplight Manufacturing Company


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