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News   January 4, 2012   by Auto Service World

A/C Market Set to Grow As Demands for Efficiency Rise

The automotive HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) industry is set to grow due to recent mandates and legal incentives demanding greater efficiency.
This comes in addition to a general trend toward vehicular comfort, now appearing in the emerging markets, and will provide the impetus for growth in more sophisticated climate control systems in mature markets, according to, “Efficiency: The New Watchword in Automotive HVAC,” from Strategy Analytics. Suppliers, such as Denso and Valeo, are set to benefit from this growth, it says..
Efficiencies include the greater use of:
— electrically-powered components, especially the powertrain;
— air recirculation;
— heated and cooled seats that can lighten the load on the HVAC system;
— draft-free systems, such as those supplied by DENSO to the new Lexus GS sedan; and
— Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) motor control for blower fans that reduce wiring, sensor count and weight.
There is greater consumer demand for new systems–such as air cleansing and fragrance diffusers, like those supplied by Valeo, and the high-end Mercedes “Air Scarf” system–and calls for automatic HVAC systems equipped with digital displays, touch screens and systems that allow occupants to choose precise settings. All will lead to a greater need for automotive electronics.
Kevin Mak, analyst in the Automotive Electronics Service (AES) at Strategy Analytics, adds, “Throughout the world, as they become more affordable, automatic HVAC systems are making strong gains in compact model segments. Especially in emerging markets, consumer demand for comfort will lead to both growth in vehicle production numbers and greater automotive electronics demand.”