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News   September 26, 2006   by Auto Service World

4 Million and Counting

He just keeps on going. Irv Gordon, Volvo’s “Two Million Mile Man,” just became the “Four Million Kilometer Man,” breaking the four million kilometer barrier in the same shiny red 1966 Volvo P1800 he has been driving for more than 40 years.
Sixty-four-year-old retired science teacher and Long Island native Irv Gordon made history in 2002 when he reached a milestone no other individual had ever accomplished in more than 100 years of the automobile: driving two million miles in the same vehicle.
He continues to break records with his latest one-car feat.
“It was a beautiful day. I was leaving Lake Placid, the leaves were starting to turn and the road had just the right amount of twists and turns for my P1800. Perfect driving conditions for reaching a new milestone,” said Gordon, describing his four-million-kilometer moment.
“The only way it would have been more perfect was if I’d been cruising the Italian Alps or driving cross-country down under.
It is a metric milestone, after all.”
Although many Americans may agree with Grampa Simpson’s rant; “The metric system is the tool of the devil! My car gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I likes it!” — Irv has clocked enough of his four million kilometers, or 2,485,484 miles, overseas to embrace the metric system in honor of such a significant milestone.
“So far, I’ve probably driven about 41,000 kilometers abroad. My P1800 and I have survived the perils of driving on the left side of the road many times in the British Isles. I’ve also driven in Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. In Sweden, we drove to Volvo’s global headquarters to see where the P1800 was born,” adds Gordon.
So, what’s next for Irv? Well, he isn’t ditching mileage milestones entirely.
His next goal is two-and-a-half million miles. And, at 2,485,484 miles and an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, he’s pretty close.
He also would love to add Italy, France, Belgium, Greece and Hawaii to his driving credentials.
Oh, and maybe squeeze in a drive around the circumference of Australia as well.

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