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3M Auto Introduces 3M Trizact Precision Scratch Kit



3m Trizact

Scratches on your vehicle’s paint are not only unsightly, but they can also result in expensive touch-up services. To help drivers resolve this issue effectively and affordably, 3M Auto has introduced its new Trizact Precision Scratch Kit with new restorative abrasive technology that ensures quality results with less time and effort.

Exclusive Trizact abrasives technology, developed by Minnesota based 3M Company, offers a simple do-it-yourself solution for experienced and novice restoration customers alike. Utilizing the power of microreplication, Trizact’s unique pyramid-shaped structures contain multiple layers of abrasive minerals that produce easier and finer results for scratched and scuffed surfaces, without the fear of inaccuracy.

“Our goal was to offer both new and seasoned car maintenance customers an easy-to-use solution that combines cutting-edge technology with DIY practicality,” said Darcy Backman, global marketing manager at 3M Auto. “Trizact is truly revolutionary as it won’t damage the base paint, eliminating the apprehension some drivers feel about attempting to fix a scratch or scuff on their own.”

This exclusive technology is featured in the 3M Trizact Precision Scratch Kit, which is designed to remove scuffs and scratches from a vehicle’s painted surfaces. Combined with drill-activated restoration, the solution provides easier and faster results. The complete kit includes a: 3M Trizact Scratch Pad, Orange Compounding Pad, Black Polishing Pad, Drill/Pad Adapter, 3M Rubbing Compound and 3M  Scratch Remover. Superior results are achieved in three simple steps: (1) effectively remove scratches and scuffs in clear coat using the Trizact Scratch Pad, (2) refine and buff the surface using the 3M Rubbing Compound, (3) achieve a like-new finish with 3M  Scratch Remover.