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News   June 16, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Carquest Technical Institute Expands Training Courses Available To Commercial Shops, Technicians


Carquest Technical Institute (CTI), the Commercial training division of Advance Professional and Advance Auto Parts, Inc. recently introduced four new technical courses available to technicians and shop owners in CTI’s 250 North American training regions. CTI’s training strengthens the skills needed to both operate a business and properly diagnose and repair today’s complex vehicles, so shops can stay ahead of the competitive repair marketplace. These courses are now available to Canadian shops that subscribe to CTI’s training. New courses for 2016 include:


  • Automotive HVAC Systems: Essential Diagnosis
  • Antilock Brake and Stability Control: Operations and Diagnosis
  • Gasoline Direct Injection: Analytic Test Drive
  • Advanced Technology Vehicles: Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems

“CTI provides world-class training for shops – both in-person and online – to prepare shop owners and technicians to be ready to best serve their customers,” said Al Wheeler, senior vice president, Commercial Sales. “In an industry that is rapidly changing and adopting new technologies, it is our mission through CTI to provide the resources that strengthen a shop’s ability to manage their business, as well as service, diagnose and repair today’s increasingly complex vehicles productively and profitably.”

CTI offers instructor-led courses in 250 training regions across the United States and Canada, and shops receive six courses per year delivered in their region’s classroom. Stand-alone and seasonal training events are also available, and are often custom-developed for strategic partners. Online training from CTI is interactive, allowing instructors to track participants’ progress and program simulation problems that correspond to service needed on an actual vehicle.


Details for new CTI courses for 2016 are as follows:

Automotive HVAC Systems: Essential Diagnostics (4 Hours)

A foundational HVAC diagnostics class around common HVAC failures with emphasis in evaluation of overall performance and efficient choice of diagnostic methods. Technicians will have the information necessary to diagnose the refrigerant loop and electrical components of traditional automotive HVAC systems.

Antilock Brake and Stability Control: Operation and

Diagnosis (8 hours)

Presents operation and diagnosis of integrated Antilock Brake System (ABS) and stability systems technology in today’s vehicles. Diagnostic procedures include the use of scan tool data, digital volt ohm meter testing and oscilloscope techniques. Technicians attending will have an appreciation of how ABS and stability systems interact and how outside influences effect overall operation.

Gasoline Direct Injection: Analytic Test Drive (4 Hours)

Examines several examples of captured scan data from GDI vehicles and teaches proper analytic test-drive techniques. Technicians attending are able to use specific scan tool data coupled with a systematic test drive to quickly determine diagnostic direction and strategy.

Advanced Technology Vehicles: Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems (8 Hours)

Focused on the operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid battery pack systems in conventional hybrids and provides technicians with the information necessary to safely diagnose and service high voltage battery packs.

CTI currently offers more than 100 active courses. CTI maintains a 9,000-square foot research and development center in Raleigh, NC, which doubles as an active training site for destination events, regional meetings and more. Training is tested and developed by CTI’s experienced team within the state-of-the-art research and development center. For more information on courses available from Carquest Technical Institute,



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