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News   March 6, 2024   by Adam Malik

Jobber News Executive Outlook 2024: J.F. Champagne

Jobber News reached out to leaders in the supply and distribution segment of the automotive aftermarket and asked them what they see happening in the industry over the next 12 months, what will improve, what one challenge to the industry will be and what opportunities are out there for jobbers and suppliers alike. We will present their answers in alphabetical order over the coming weeks…

You can view the full feature in our January 2024 issue.

J.F. Champagne, President  |  Automotive Industries Association of Canada

I believe that we will continue to experience some of the post-pandemic uncertainty. We can expect the combined effects of inflation and high interest rates that Canadians faced in 2023 to be felt in 2024 as some consumers curb expenses. This may slow the sales of new cars, which should have a positive impact on the auto care sector as consumers keep their cars longer. However, we will need to keep a close eye on this and see if it also reduces the number of kilometres driven by Canadian vehicle owners.

Labour will continue to be front and centre to the challenges the industry is experiencing. The aging population and lack of diversity in our sector will continue to negatively impact our capacity to attract and recruit new people. Going forward, we need to ensure our businesses are changing to be more attractive and welcoming to women and people from different backgrounds.

Newer vehicles are becoming increasingly electric and connected. While they are more complex to repair, they can create new opportunities for our sector. These new technologies can appeal to the next generation and are an opportunity to attract new talents. It is time to invest in knowledge, technology, and people to ensure we are part of the future of the maintenance and repair of tomorrow’s vehicles.

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