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News   May 6, 2021   by Christine Hogg

Integration Technology launches portable UV LED ‘instant cure’ for repair shops

Repair garages and bodyshops, as well as automotive suppliers and manufacturers, can benefit from the flexibility and rapid curing made possible by a new portable device from UV LED specialist Integration Technology.

With an output of 500 mW/cm², the new AC-500 UV system offers a faster and safer instant curing process across a greater area. Holding the unit 15cm away from the surface enables operators to cure an area of 500cm² in a fraction of the time offered by legacy infra-red heat lamp solutions. Paints, fillers, adhesives and topcoats on plastic, metal and glass substrates can be cured in as little as ten seconds.

Weighing just 1.87kg and equipped with an ergonomic handle to assist operators, the new-for-2021 AC-500 is cable free and simple to operate. It enables auto workshops, body refinishing centres, and paint lines to save both time and space by streamlining processes, increasing productivity and reducing the required number of paint booths, resulting in gross profit increases when compared to legacy technology.

“Building on the success of our proven AC-850 mains-powered UV LED curing system, the AC-500 adds flexibility to the performance and safety benefits we already provide users across North America and Europe,” says Integration Technology’s managing director, Simon Roberts. “From ‘smart repair’ operators through to larger bodyshops, a portable, handheld solution offers cost savings at a time when insurers are squeezing margins.”

At a distance of 15cm, the AC-500 will cure a vast surface area of 500cm². The AC range of products feature XT8 LED technology that produces the same extremely high UV output but with lower power usage, providing a 30 per cent efficiency boost and extended service life. And unlike UV lamp technology, Integration Technology’s UV LED technology produces no harmful Ozone and heat is minimised, making it safer to use and less likely to damage heat sensitive parts such as carbon composites and additive manufacturing materials.

The AC-500 comes with a storage case, safety goggles, charger and twin removable DeWalt 1.5 Ah batteries for 20-minute continuous run time. Larger commercially available batteries enable longer continuous running for higher volume applications.

AC-500 key information

  • 500 mW/cm² output makes it the highest power battery-operated device on the market
  • Up to 20 minutes continuous operation possible between charges using 2 x DeWalt 1.5 Ah batteries
  • At 15cm from the front of the unit, the curing area is 500cm²
  • Small and lightweight (1.87kg), the device is easily transported to different workstations to enable a flexible workflow process
  • Produces no harmful Ozone and heat is minimised, making it safer to use and less likely to damage heat sensitive parts

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