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News   August 16, 2021   by Adam Malik

Hundreds of new products from Dorman

Dorman Products announced 571 new products, 60 of which are exclusive to the aftermarket.

Included in the release announced Aug. 11 are upgraded, braided stainless steel, flexible fuel lines designed for more than two million Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

The Dorman OE FIX lines are braided stainless steel over flexible PTFE tubing. They’re made to a specific length for extended-cab GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado pickups, with new brackets and factory connectors for a better experience when installing. Dorman noted that the flexibility of the hose makes it easier to stock them on warehouse shelves as they take up a fraction of the normal fuel line footprint.

Also released was a radiator shutter assembly, also known as an active grille shutter. These are fitted for more than 1.5 million Ford trucks. Active grille shutters close to restrict airflow through the grille when the engine doesn’t need to be cooled, routing it around the vehicle, increasing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Dorman now has 40 replacements in this category. The need for these items is expected to increase in the coming years as more vehicles are released with this new technology to meet increasingly stringent fuel efficiency standards.

Dorman also announced the release of:

  • OE FIX windshield washer fluid cap for more than 14 million vehicles. It features an enhanced tether design to help prevent the cap from eventually breaking off and getting lost.
  • Aftermarket-exclusive side mirror turn signals with LED lights for more than one million Dodge Ram trucks.
  • Aftermarket-exclusive third brake lights for millions of Dodge and Toyota vehicles

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