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How To Transport Multiple Cars At The Same Time

Shipping multiple vehicles at once will help you save money and time, as the shipping company you’re working with may offer you discounts. In many cases, shipping multiple cars at once is similar to buying items in bulk. The more you purchase in bulk, the cheaper it becomes. Therefore, you can expect a reduced cost per car when transporting more than one at once. The total cost you’ll incur for shipping multiple vehicles will mostly depend on the distance, car models, and shipping company you’re working with, among others. 

But shipping multiple vehicles at once doesn’t come without challenges. So, if you’re transporting multiple vehicles at once, you should plan ahead of time to minimize challenges and obstacles. Here’s a guide on how to ferry several cars simultaneously. 

1. Find The Best Shipping Method

For multi car shipping, find a truck that can accommodate all your vehicles. Alternatively, if the vehicles can’t fit into one trailer, look for several that can travel close together for safety and easy tracking. 

There are two ways to transport your cars by land, i.e., through enclosed or open-air transport. Open-air transport uses an open truck for shipping, while enclosed transport uses a closed shipping container. Enclosed shipping is the most commonly used method of auto transportation because of its safety. Open-air shipping accommodates more cars but exposes your vehicles to the elements like dirt, snow, rain, and extreme temperatures. Enclosed shipping can be more costly because it provides more protection than open-air shipping. You can be charged twice the cost of open-air transport when using enclosed car shipping. Thus, if you’re on a fixed budget, open-air shipping may be best for you. 

2. Choose A Reliable Shipping Company

One of the best ways to learn about multi-car shipping company services is to look for reviews from previous clients. People frequently give comments through online review sites or social media, particularly if they’ve had a terrible incident with the company. When selecting a shipping company, you should consider things like:

  • The company’s authenticity 
  • The insurance coverage offered by the company 
  • The shipping costs and the services offered 
  • The company’s prior experience in shipping multiple cars 
  • The company’s regions of service  
  • The company’s point of view with government bureaus 

Consider experienced companies like Titan Worldwide Logistics for the timely and safe delivery of your cars. They offer the best heavy equipment solutions and hauling services.

3. Shop Around For Shipping Estimates

Since you’re transporting multiple cars, it would be reasonable to find an affordable deal without compromising the shipping quality. You can ask friends or family for recommendations, go through online reviews, or call several companies to get quotes. A single quote won’t provide adequate information; therefore, it’s best to get numerous quotes to get an average value of the shipping cost. The estimates you’ll receive will depend on several factors, including: 

  • Shipping method 
  • The shipping distance and destination  
  • The pickup spot. Door delivery is more costly than depot pick up 
  • The transport date, peak days, and months will have costly charges. 

All these factors will help you determine which company is best for you and the total shipping costs you may incur. 

4. Book Your Car Shipping Date 

If you’re shipping multiple cars, it’s vital to reserve a shipping date in advance. The recommended time is four to six weeks to allow the shipping company to hold all your vehicles in one shipping truck. As mentioned before, your selected shipping time can increase your transport costs. To save money, book your shipping time during off-peak seasons. 

5. Prepare Your Cars For Shipping Day 

There are several ways you can better organize your vehicles for shipping day. While most shipping companies are careful with managing cars when loading and unloading, you can help them by making your cars simpler to ship. 

Be sure to prepare your car’s paperwork because companies will frequently want confirmation that you’re the owner of these vehicles. Take out any treasures or personal possessions in the car. Also, take note of the state of your cars before shipping. Take photos or videos to use as a reference point in case of anything. 

6. Ship Your Cars To Their Destination 

Determine how you’ll get your cars to the shipping company. Depending on where the cars are, it may not be possible to bring the company’s truck to your business place or home. You may have to hire people to take the cars to the shipping company. Also, the shipping company can pick up the cars if your business has enough space to park a shipping truck. The team will either move the vehicles manually into the truck or drive them. Every vehicle is held in place separately. Once the required documents have been signed, the shipping journey begins. 

7. Wait For The Arrival Date 

Once you’ve booked your shipping date, the shipping company will give you an estimated date and time of arrival. Nevertheless, these are just approximations, and unanticipated situations may arise and lengthen your delivery time by a few days. Most companies will give you updates on the shipping process. Although it might be expensive, you may consider door delivery since you’re shipping multiple cars. It’s worth the cost. 


There’s much to consider if you plan on shipping multiple cars at once. You need to consider the shipping company, the cost, and the shipping method are crucial, especially if you’re shipping multiple cars simultaneously. Be sure to evaluate your options so that you’re well-prepared on the day of shipping.

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