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How to become a motorcycle racer?

An indispensable companion of professional motorcycling is the spectacle. It is especially noticeable now when even spartan endurance races, not extreme disciplines, can be shown on TV so that the audience’s heart sinks. 

Watching with admiration the incredible speed of motorcycles on the road-ring races, watching the persistence of rally participants or the complete absence of fear in moto freestyle participants, many young boys, girls, and even preschool children begin to dream of one day getting on the track themselves, side by side with the professionals. The adrenaline of motorsports is comparable to the excitement because some cricket betting sites in indian rupees make their players nervous. But if your heart craves activity, read on. 

How realistic is it?

In the early days of motorcycle racing, anyone could become a competitor – you only needed a desire, a motorcycle, the means to service it, and the time to participate. Although motorcycle sports and equipment for the past century have changed dramatically, this statement is still valid. Authentic, with a minor exception: another essential item was added to the list of requirements – experience. Simply speaking, almost anyone can become a professional athlete, even children, starting from the age of 5-7 years, but investments are needed tremendously in all senses of the word. But first things first.

The desire 

The desire to improve, make new personal achievements, and win the competition is the main driving force of any domestic racer. However, because this desire, as well as the fortitude of the character, needs to be stronger, many motorcyclists not only can not boast of significant achievements but even give up even before obtaining the status of a professional. That is why you should be prepared to overcome obstacles, persevere, and severe loads.


To become a professional, you must first reach the amateur level, that is, get a license in category “A” and learn how to operate a motorcycle within a confined area and the conditions of the dense urban stream of cars. And if the first can help the most usual driving school providing a necessary technique for examination passing, subsequent driving in an own city motorcycle is required. However, what matters little as its primary task is to give the future rider basic driving and handling skills with motorcycle technique. Now, this time “professional” sports bike will also have to buy and repaired yourself, but this time his choice should be based on the choice of a particular motorcycling discipline.


Large specialized companies in European countries and the United States eagerly support promising athletes by sponsoring them. But at first, no one is in a hurry to become sponsors of even relatively successful motorcycle racers, so all the costs fall entirely on their shoulders. And buying a motorcycle is only a tiny part of it.

Before the subsequent cost of participation in the races pale, even the first investment. Every race will require payment: an entry fee, gasoline, consumables (in particular, tires for one race may require several sets), mechanic salary, rent boxes, and services for the transportation of the motorcycle – to get on it “on their own” to the track is impossible. 

Remember the cost of training – immediately after graduating from driving school to get on the track as part of a professional team is impossible. To do this, you must take a particular course in off-road motorcycle driving or highway-ring motorcycle racing, depending on the chosen direction. Some motorcycle schools offer them. They also provide students with the necessary equipment and ammunition, which allows them to be trained even before they buy their own sports bike.


As has already been emphasized above, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that to be engaged in the repair of a motorcycle and compulsory pieces of training will be required in free time from study or work. Accordingly, the less it is, the worse the result will be because even with solid traction and innate talent, without constant training to achieve profound results will not work. Therefore, in the activity, it is worth understanding that it is about driving on the track and developing motorcycle control skills and physical preparation.

All professional athletes and coaches who prepare them to emphasize that physical shape in motorcycle racing are of great importance, and in the first place is the development of endurance and cardio-training. Riding a bicycle helps a lot; that’s why many foreign motorcycle racers spend most of their free time in the saddle of a bicycle or a bike simulator.


You don’t have to raise your expectations to think that you’re going to come, you’re going to beat everyone, and soon you’re going to be asked to take Jorge Lorenzo’s place. You have to understand that race experience is essential. You can’t just come here and be champion straight away. A person can have talent and inclination, but it’s just a background. If you want to get to a reasonable level, you have to work hard. The border between someone with talent and someone without skill is erased if you operate a lot. There are kart tracks and moto schools where you need to “pump up” and train so that some things have become at the level of automation; only then can you work on more complicated technical elements. Also, keep going despite the first signs of stagnation. A training plateau is a widespread phenomenon, at which you should not give up but look for ways to overcome it. If the intentions are earnest, this exercise will have to be repeated more than once – this is how character is tested.

Bottom line 

In conclusion, here is a general plan of action for the future professional motorcycle racer:

  • Obtain a license in the category and learn to drive an ordinary road motorcycle.
  • Find a moto-school and pass a unique program in one of the sports directions, such as motocross or superbike. Depending on the technical equipment of the school, at this stage, you can do without buying your gear and equipment.
  • Purchase an appropriate motorcycle for training.
  • Join a motorcycle team. It will open access to training on the track, learning from experienced coaches, and participation in competitions of different scales – depending on the desire and ability of the team leaders and owners.
  • Practice and practice again is the only way to hope for severe results and achievements.

And the last piece of advice: if you are genuinely interested in becoming a part of the motorcycle world, do not be afraid to communicate and seek contact with those who have already achieved specific results. 


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