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News   July 7, 2023   by Adam Malik

How many abandon their online cart and why

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A recent survey reported that more than half of consumers will abandon their online shopping carts because delivery options are limited or too expensive.

nShift, a delivery management software provider, recommended retailers and web shops ensure they provide a range of delivery options — and display them clearly.

It reported that 55 per cent of shoppers left their shopping carts behind because deliveries were too expensive or would take too long.

Consumers are raising the requirements around delivery, it noted. More than half (56 per cent) expect same-day delivery options while the vast majority (88 per cent) said they’re more willing to purchase from a retailer that offers free shipping.

nShift said retailers need to offer two key options for customer satisfaction: Efficiency and flexibility and a range of options.

It suggested automating the book and print process, which can significantly improve efficiency. Businesses can save time and money by generating documentation as soon as an order is complete and identifying the optimum transportation solution for every order.

When it comes to options, retailers need to work with a delivery management software partner that connects them to a large, ready-made library of carriers. They must then be able to display these options on their website.

“The successful growth of an online retailer is largely dependent on its ability to meet the growing expectations of its customers,” said Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director Post-purchase at nShift. “Doing so requires greater flexibility and efficiency, especially for smaller businesses without the necessary time or resources.

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