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News   April 9, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

How Injured Victims Can Seek Fair Compensation by Consulting Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

While it’s common knowledge that drunk driving is a felony in most states, it doesn’t prevent drunkards from grabbing the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving accidents claim over 10,000 lives and cause injuries to thousands every year. Like other personal injury cases, state laws allow drunk driving accident victims the right to sue liable parties for compensation and punitive damages.

Filing for compensation and punitive damages punishes intoxicated drivers for willful and reckless driving. However, given the complex nature of such cases, you should seek the services of highly-experienced and reliable lawyers, such as the drunk driving accident lawyers at Hiring a lawyer can help victims seek fair compensation in the following ways.

1. Provide first-hand insightful information

Legal issues are very complicated and involve tedious processes that not everyone can understand. Therefore, you should tap into the expertise of those with in-depth knowledge whenever possible. Drunk driving accidents are delicate, especially if you suffer severe injuries. Consequently, you should consider hiring a legal professional to provide guidance where necessary.

Your attorney will answer and handle all your uncertainties concerning liability, medical bills, insurance, and the possibility of being compensated for pain and suffering. Moreover, your lawyer will advise and protect your legal rights from being disregarded.

2. The attorney will conduct a proper investigation

Most accident victims start by taking photos of the accident scene and taking note of the other driver’s details, such as the car’s number plate, name, insurance, and contact details. While this is important, reasoning with a drunk driver is impossible. Besides, you may not have the strength to capture all of these depending on the severity of your injuries.

This is why having a drunk driving accident lawyer is essential. Drunk driving lawyers are trained to collect crucial evidence for backing your claims and court procedures. The first step to winning a drunk driving case is proving that the defendant was intoxicated. Your lawyer can request blood tests and witness statements to prove this.

3. Negotiating with adjusters after the accident

Negotiating with insurance companies or adjusters representing the liable party’s insurer is overwhelming. Even with concrete evidence, including medical reports, police reports, and witness statements, you shouldn’t negotiate with the insurance company. Knowing how to negotiate and the type of coverage policy helps maximize your settlement amounts.

Having a lawyer by your side can mean the difference between receiving a low and reasonable payout. Drunk driving lawyers have excellent negotiation skills and know how to find common ground. They can also identify options for additional compensation beyond the basic liability coverage, which covers bodily injuries.

A drunk driving lawyer also ensures that your legal rights are not violated. Most insurance companies try to convince victims against filing personal injury lawsuits with the hope of finding an out-of-court agreement. However, victims have a right to file injury claims against drivers regardless of their insurance status.

4. Fight for maximum compensation

An attorney can help you receive maximum compensation either through negotiations or litigation. Victims of drunk driving accidents should seek compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses – like other personal injury claims, you should file compensation claims for incurred medical expenses. This includes emergency room visits, surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and therapy.
  • Lost wages – victims should sue the liable party for lost wages during recovery. This often applies to victims who suffer serious injuries that require lengthy hospitalization.
  • Pain and suffering – personal injury claims should include compensation for pain and suffering endured by accident victims. Compensation for mental anguish should also be bundled into the claim.
  • Loss of consortium – surviving spouses should also be awarded compensation for the loss of companionship, assistance, and services of their loved one. Parents of minors are also compensated for losing their loved ones.
  • Punitive damages – apart from the actual cost of injuries, most state laws penalize drunk drivers by awarding victims the right to sue such drivers for punitive damages.

The Bottom Line

Ideally, having a lawyer when negotiating with the insurance company or filing a claim isn’t mandatory. However, having an attorney during this period is prudent. Even if the case is in your favor, you need proper legal representation during negotiations and court proceedings to maximize your benefits.


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