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News   July 12, 2017   by Adam Malik

Honda eyes 2025 for automated vehicles

By 2025, Honda expects to have Level 4 autonomous cars on the road. That means their vehicles will be fully self-driving with no human driver required, except for inclement weather conditions.

The only step higher would be one in which the vehicle is entirely autonomous and is capable of driving under any condition.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. president and chief executive officer Takahiro Hachigo made the announcement at a media briefing in Japan, which builds on their previous announcement of achieving Level 3 autonomous vehicles by 2020, in which drivers can cede full control to the vehicle, but must be available.

“We are striving to provide our customers with a sense of confidence and trust by offering automated driving that will keep vehicles away from any dangerous situation and that will not make people around the vehicle feel unsafe,” Hachigo said.