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News   May 13, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Hitting the Road: Essential Car Rental Tips 

Renting a car to arrive at an occasion in style or to embark on a trip exposes you to a world of freedom. You can choose an E Class Mercedes for that yearly family trip, a C Class for that fancy corporate event, or you can just have fun exploring vehicles from some of your favorite car brands. 

However, not knowing some helpful tips, such as taking advantage of your insurance and avoiding rental companies at the airport to save money, can have you spending more than you planned, rendering your car-renting adventure less enjoyable. 

So, come with us as we highlight some valuable tips (that can help you save some money) to note before renting a car! Let’s get to them:

Prepare Adequately Before Leaving

Of course, you’re going on a trip, so you’re going to plan your travel dates and destinations. That’s great, but if you are visiting Dubai for instance, it’s best to make preparations to rent Mercedes in Dubai using online rental companies like even before leaving for the trip. It ensures that you have a vehicle to use as soon as you arrive at your destination. 

By booking online, you can take advantage of discounts and get better rates. You may also have better opportunities of getting your dream car if you book in advance. 

Research and Compare Prices

A great tip to get good deals is to research and compare the prices of different rental companies before choosing. When doing this, you have to look beyond the shiny daily rental prices, as additional charges might inflate the prices. Dig deeper and check for additional fees such as cross-border fees (if it applies to you), fuel charges, insurance costs, and prices. 

Also, note that additional charges may vary from one company to another. So, check their websites thoroughly, including their FAQs page if they have one, before deciding. 

Check the Specifics of the Car 

Choosing the wrong car, like an A200 instead of a G63, or one that is inconvenient, below your expectations, or doesn’t match your event can significantly ruin your trip. To ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you have an excellent driving experience, you should check the specifics of a car before choosing. 

Check whether it is a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, check its size, and check if it has add-ons like GPS that you want. You need to ensure it is the perfect vehicle for whatever trip you’re there for—solo or with family. 

Use Your Insurance 

Imagine driving a Mercedes for rent without insurance and causing damage to an S Class or AMG. It is going to leave quite a dent in your pocket. So, you should ensure the motor insurance for the vehicle is all sorted out. 

However, you don’t have to opt for pricey coverage provided by the rental companies—any standard insurance policy covers rental cars, even if it’s limited. So, you can contact your insurance provider directly to clarify what your coverage entails. 

Another way to escape rental companies’ insurance is by using credit cards that provide rental insurance. Some are primary, while others are only activated after all other options have been exhausted. So, use these tips to cut insurance costs, but ensure insurance is taken care of. 

Avoid Rental Companies at the Airport 

If you’re trying to save money, it’s advisable not to use rental companies at airports because you’ll most likely have to pay more. Rental agencies at airports typically attract high overhead costs. So, based on this and the fact that they are very convenient for travelers, they tend to charge more, sometimes charging supplemental fees. 

So, if you are trying to save, you should look for companies farther from the airport. However, if you prioritize convenience, you can go ahead, especially if you think navigating your destination may be a hassle. 

Thoroughly Inspect the Vehicle Before Driving Off

It’s finally time to pick up the vehicle. Before driving off in your GLE or CLA Class vehicle, carefully check the car for any scratches or dents that could potentially cause an issue later on. You should also confirm that everything is working perfectly. If you find anything concerning, make sure to communicate it to the rental company so they can keep it in their records. You can also take pictures as a backup plan in case you need to file a claim. 

Be in Charge of Filling the Gas 

After using the vehicle, the rental company may require you to return it with a full tank. Many companies offer the option of having you pay for the gas in advance while they fill it up. You can also choose to put gas in the car before returning it. 


If you decide to pay for the gas in advance, you’ll typically pay for a full tank. Considering that you might not use all the gas in the car, you could give the rental company free fuel. Also, these rental companies usually charge more than gas stations. So, if you’re trying to cut costs, it’s best to refuel the car yourself. 

Opt for a Weekly Rental

A weekly car rental is usually cheaper than paying weekend and daily rates because many companies offer weekly rental discounts. These discounts can help you save about 10% to 30%, especially if you use the car for more than four days. However, check the rates of the particular company you’re renting from to confirm that it’s a beneficial move. Also, learn the terms and conditions of choosing the weekly option. 


Having to pay for damages to a car that you didn’t cause, unintentionally giving a rental company free gas, not utilizing your insurance, and choosing the wrong vehicle are some things that could go wrong when renting a car and potentially ruin the experience for you. So, when renting a car, remember these tips, use them to your advantage, and have the best time showing up and exploring the world in your favorite cars.